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What Crime Scene Cleaners Do for Families, Friends, and Victims

The professional benefits of hiring crime scene cleaners go way beyond cleaning and disinfecting your home against bloodborne pathogens. If you’ve endured the loss of a loved one to a heinous crime, your most significant concern will be about other family members and friends. The condition of the property doesn’t even cross your mind at the time. It’s a time to grieve the loss of your loved one, not to bother yourself about the property’s condition. The good news is that you can entrust this task to crime scene cleaners. They can help decontaminate and clean up your vehicle or property after cases of suicide, vehicle accident, decomposed body, homicide, and many more.

Many people who at a point cleaned a crime scene themselves can stop reliving the nightmare. You have more important things to focus on. Leave the cleanup of a crime scene to a more experienced cleaning crew. Protect your mental help.

What To Expect Crime Scene Cleaners

Crime scene cleaners deal with all kinds of biohazardous conditions such as accident scenes, blood cleanup, biohazard cleanups, meth lab cleanups, odor removal, and lots more. Check out what these expert cleaners bring to the table.

  • Personal Protection: Biohazardous sites are highly contagious. Anyone who takes up the cleaning task must protect themselves from health risks associated with these sites. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is designed for this sole aim – to protect cleaners and others from exposure to infectious material. No one should be allowed into a crime scene without dawning this protective gear. Crime scene cleaners understand the dangers on these sites and are educated on the best protective equipment practices.
  • Top of the line Cleaning Agents: Many online publications and magazines claim that bleach is a perfect cleaning agent for disinfecting a crime scene. But no, bleach doesn’t work for all occasions. Crime scene cleaners use professional-grade cleaning agents that aren’t really available to the general public. They are best equipped to remediate any property.
  • Advanced Cleaning Equipment: Technology has transformed the world, making it easier to get things done. Likewise, crime scene cleaners have gone past the stage when they use typical household deep cleaning agents to get the job done. With the high-tech cleaning machines used by these companies, you can rest assured that every corner of the home or vehicle will be decontaminated. No place will be left untouched including the walls, floors, hard-to-reach spots, and any furnishings you may have.

Bottom Line

When death becomes a reality and isn’t something you see on your TV screen, it can be frustrating. The death of a loved one leaves you heartbroken. Sure, you are going through a lot which is why you should contract crime scene cleaners to help you clean up the home. Crime scene cleaners are an emergency service provider and as such are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for trauma scene cleanup service.

Crime Scene Cleaner: Salary Structure and Job Duties

Once the cops complete their investigation and leave the crime scene, crime scene cleaning services are often contacted to restore the site to its original condition. Note that a crime scene cleaning job is not cut out for everybody. If you chicken out at the sight of blood or faint when you see body parts and tissues, then becoming a crime scene cleaner is way above your league.

Many people think a crime scene cleaner does the same job as a crime scene investigator, but these are separate fields offer different service. While a crime scene cleaner specializes in cleanup and sterilization of the crime scene, crime scene investigation and analysis are the responsibility of law enforcement agents.

Crime Scene Cleaning Service Responsibilities

Crime scene cleaning and sterilization involve removing harmful contaminants such as bodily fluids, human remains, blood, tissues, feces, urine, drug paraphernalia, and much more from a crime scene. All crime scene cleaners perform this task professionally. Moreover, these experts stay far away from the crime scene until the law enforcement agents have completed all relevant investigations. Also, they are not involved in the legal process or court proceedings at all.

These technicians handle quite a number of jobs regardless of how messy it looks. Due to their level of professionalism, experience, and knowledge, they make the cleaning job look easy. But in reality, this is one of the most difficult jobs. Crime scene cleaning services are available 24 hours a day, hence you can always reach out to them for emergency services, no matter the time. Each crime scene requires a specific cleaning technique depending on the nature of the environment.

Some of the jobs they get involved in include unattended death, suicides, murders, bodily trauma, tear gas cleanup, drug lab cleanup, biohazard cleanup, human waste, hoarding, animal waste, hazardous chemicals, and biohazards.

People who handle crime scene cleaning services are always careful when managing these scenes.

How Much Does Crime Scene Cleaning Pay?

The average salary for experts in crime scene cleaning service range from around $35,000 to $80,000 annually. Those who earn the high end of that range specialize in biohazard clean. If you are giving a second thought to crime scene cleaning, now you know how financially rewarding it can be. Those who specialize in crime scene cleaning services smile to the bank at all times.

However, it is important to note that crime scene cleaning isn’t a regular job, unlike other professions. For a chance to succeed in the game, technicians not only undergo series of training jobs but also work with a trusted and reliable crime scene cleaning service provider.

More so, to succeed in this career you also need to have a strong heart and a willingness to do things that are thankless, gory, and often uncomfortable. This is not a job for the faint at heart.

Crime scene cleaning job is highly profitable but do you have an iron-clad stomach to handle the horrible sights at various scenes.


The Dangers of Hiring Ill Qualified Companies

Imagine a scenario where your brother was hospitalized. After treatment, your brother was certified OK to return home hence he was discharged. But you are worried about the condition of your brother’s home in which he is to return. In this case, you may want to contact a professional crime scene cleaner to perform a thorough remediation job on the property. This is essential if you want your beloved family member to return to a clean, sanitized home.

A trustworthy crime scene cleaner will however ask a few questions before accepting any job request. This is protocol. The response gotten from the questions asked will help them prepare for the task before them. The primary reason for hiring a professional cleaner is to help decontaminate a hoarder’s room in disarray. Most hoarder’s rooms are always in disarray and filthy with dirt, debris, and in some cases human waste and vomit. You are also likely to find hard drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Don’t be surprised when you hear your brother’s apartment is under contract with a professional cleaning company. Commercial property owners usually hire cleaners to keep their property safe and sanitized. Calling these ill-qualified cleaners to handle the cleaning of the apartment of the sick individual can be likened to a death warrant. They will proceed to the apartment and get the work done, as usual, cleaning the debris, bodily fluid, vomit, human waste, and drug paraphernalia without protective gear

The doctor’s report has it that your family member was hospitalized for contracting a wide range of viruses and infections such as MRSA, hepatitis, and HIV. To worsen the case, all the items including drug paraphernalia, materials, and sharps found at the cleaning site are likely contaminated. The traditional cleaners assigned to clean the property may likely perform the tasks without wearing any sort of proper protection like masks, gloves, and hazmat suit.

If you do not want a reoccurrence of what happened at the initial stage, the best line of action is to contact a professional cleaner to detail and sanitize the apartment. These experts are properly equipped and are aware of the hazards around them. Returning your brother to a properly disinfected home will eliminate the chances of getting infected again.

Keep in mind that there are more jobs that need to be done other than the cleaning and that is finding a lasting solution to the root cause of the problem. Why would your beloved brother hoard items in his apartment? Why leave his room unkempt and untidy? If you fail to address this issue, be prepared for a repeat situation.

A Note to Professional Cleaners

Regardless of what you are hired to clean, be it a home, vehicle, commercial building, or yard maintenance, keep in mind that biohazards can’t be seen by the naked eyes, so learn to protect yourself at all times. Traditional cleaners should know when to walk away from a cleaning job. Not all cleaning tasks can be handled using traditional cleaning agents. Some cleaning tasks are best left to professional crime scene cleaners.


What Counts as Medical Waste is Surprisingly Arbitrary 

A biohazard cleaning company does not just remove harmful pathogens at an infected site just for the fun of it. Their services cover a wide range of services that most crime scene investigation episodes keep a secret. These experts respond to several cases such as deaths, decomposed bodies, unattended death, accidents, hoarding, and anything related.

Their services cut across decontaminating a holding police cell, or police vehicle that may have been contaminated by someone’s blood or vomit. Other services involve tidying up homeless camps, and cleaning up after the death of a loved one in residential apartments. Also, they manage hoarding cleanup efficiently, but this is usually done upon request by the family members. Most times, cleaning up a hoarder’s apartment can be difficult as you can never tell what’s lurking in between the piles of items. For this reason, biohazard cleaning technicians come to the site with their protective gear. Another area that biohazard cleaning company specializes on include getting rid of highly contagious diseases. A biohazard cleaning company handles the most dangerous cleaning task.

Medical waste disposal service is another task handled by a biohazard cleaning company. This service involves retrieving medical waste from healthcare facilities and transporting it to the ideal disposal facility. On getting to the facility, the waste item will be treated to reduce or eliminate its contaminating effect and then disposed of properly.

Medical waste can be disposed of using two different methods. These include autoclaving and incineration. An autoclave is used by healthcare facilities for sterilizing their tools and equipment. The moist heat is used to get rid of the microorganism on this medical equipment. In the same vein, moist heat is used to eliminate the biohazards found in medical waste. When medical equipment and medical waste are placed inside the autoclave, they get heated up through the high-temperature steam. Items that end up in an autoclave are not medical waste. Incinerated waste is generated in a medical facility. examples of incinerated waste include used hand gloves and tissue samples. Medical waste is any waste generated in a medical facility. For instance, mopping blood and picking up a victim’s brain at a road accident scene is not medical waste. This is because it’s not generated in a medical facility.

To dispose of medical waste, a biohazard cleaning company requires a permit but this is not the case when mopping up blood from a violent crime scene. More so, a mattress soaked with body fluid for several days isn’t medical waste, such a scene can be cleaned up by anyone. Cleaning up a crime scene does not require a permit, unlike medical waste disposal.

The fact that crime scene cleaning doesn’t need a permit makes it a task that can be handled by anybody. But the big question is, how prepared are you? The cleaning and sanitizing of a crime scene should be handled by a professional biohazard cleaning company that has the skills and vast years of experience in the field.


Returning to the Office Safely in the face of the Pandemic

As the global lockdown restrictions ease, some employees will soon find their way back to their office desk. Presently, workers with the capability to work from home are advised to continue to do so. While many countries have eased the restrictions placed on businesses, some have given companies the go-ahead to allow their workers to return to offices, provided they abide by the social distancing rules. A business owner who wants to reopen his office doors for workers must have performed a thorough coronavirus cleaning service as well as put every protective measure in place. Employees will feel a sense of safety and security returning to their office space.

Steps to Take when Welcoming Staff Back to the Office

Apart from performing coronavirus cleaning service which entails decontaminating and cleaning the office environment, there are more physical changes that should be implemented especially for businesses with a large workforce. One such implementation includes an improved approach to hygiene. There is no better time to take your hygiene seriously than now.

So if your business is planning to welcome staff back, there are a number of steps to take to make sure that the work environment is compliant with COVID-19 guidelines. With the influx of people from different backgrounds into the workspace, it is expedient that employers hire professionals for coronavirus cleaning services. Other protective measures include:

1. One-Way Systems

If possible, exits and entrances should be a separate thoroughfare. You won’t have to deal with congestions at the office doorways as employees and clients enter and leave the office space. This one-way system helps maintain the social distance guidelines.

2. Create a Time Table

In this present condition, your employees should arrive at work at different time intervals. While some will be allowed into the office at the exact office opening hours, other groups will arrive a few minutes late. The same applies to office closing hours. All workers shouldn’t leave the office at the same time to prevent congestion at the exits. Arrange for your employees to arrive and leave the office, as well as use office facilities at different times. This makes social distancing possible.

3. Hand Sanitizer Stations

Every business space must at least have one hand sanitizer station. Set up hand sanitizer stations at strategic spots in the office building including the doorway, bathroom, and other high traffic areas. Every business must take hand hygiene seriously to prevent the risk of contaminating or spreading COVID-19.

4. Movement Restrictions

Movement within the business premises should be limited. No worker should leave his or her office space unless it’s important. This will reduce the potential spread of the coronavirus. You can declare that employees should use only their workstations.

5. Professional Cleaners

Professional office cleaners will be considered one of your core staff members as they play a vital role in preventing the spread of COVID-19. These cleaners will clean all high traffic areas at scheduled periods daily using highly effective cleaning solutions. Hire an expert coronavirus cleaning service who has undergone comprehensive training on dealing with coronavirus cleaning.

Educate your staff members on the dangers of the virus and why personal hygiene should be taken seriously.