Returning to the Office Safely in the face of the Pandemic

As the global lockdown restrictions ease, some employees will soon find their way back to their office desk. Presently, workers with the capability to work from home are advised to continue to do so. While many countries have eased the restrictions placed on businesses, some have given companies the go-ahead to allow their workers to return to offices, provided they abide by the social distancing rules. A business owner who wants to reopen his office doors for workers must have performed a thorough coronavirus cleaning service as well as put every protective measure in place. Employees will feel a sense of safety and security returning to their office space.

Steps to Take when Welcoming Staff Back to the Office

Apart from performing coronavirus cleaning service which entails decontaminating and cleaning the office environment, there are more physical changes that should be implemented especially for businesses with a large workforce. One such implementation includes an improved approach to hygiene. There is no better time to take your hygiene seriously than now.

So if your business is planning to welcome staff back, there are a number of steps to take to make sure that the work environment is compliant with COVID-19 guidelines. With the influx of people from different backgrounds into the workspace, it is expedient that employers hire professionals for coronavirus cleaning services. Other protective measures include:

1. One-Way Systems

If possible, exits and entrances should be a separate thoroughfare. You won’t have to deal with congestions at the office doorways as employees and clients enter and leave the office space. This one-way system helps maintain the social distance guidelines.

2. Create a Time Table

In this present condition, your employees should arrive at work at different time intervals. While some will be allowed into the office at the exact office opening hours, other groups will arrive a few minutes late. The same applies to office closing hours. All workers shouldn’t leave the office at the same time to prevent congestion at the exits. Arrange for your employees to arrive and leave the office, as well as use office facilities at different times. This makes social distancing possible.

3. Hand Sanitizer Stations

Every business space must at least have one hand sanitizer station. Set up hand sanitizer stations at strategic spots in the office building including the doorway, bathroom, and other high traffic areas. Every business must take hand hygiene seriously to prevent the risk of contaminating or spreading COVID-19.

4. Movement Restrictions

Movement within the business premises should be limited. No worker should leave his or her office space unless it’s important. This will reduce the potential spread of the coronavirus. You can declare that employees should use only their workstations.

5. Professional Cleaners

Professional office cleaners will be considered one of your core staff members as they play a vital role in preventing the spread of COVID-19. These cleaners will clean all high traffic areas at scheduled periods daily using highly effective cleaning solutions. Hire an expert coronavirus cleaning service who has undergone comprehensive training on dealing with coronavirus cleaning.

Educate your staff members on the dangers of the virus and why personal hygiene should be taken seriously.