The Dangers of Hiring Ill Qualified Companies

Imagine a scenario where your brother was hospitalized. After treatment, your brother was certified OK to return home hence he was discharged. But you are worried about the condition of your brother’s home in which he is to return. In this case, you may want to contact a professional crime scene cleaner to perform a thorough remediation job on the property. This is essential if you want your beloved family member to return to a clean, sanitized home.

A trustworthy crime scene cleaner will however ask a few questions before accepting any job request. This is protocol. The response gotten from the questions asked will help them prepare for the task before them. The primary reason for hiring a professional cleaner is to help decontaminate a hoarder’s room in disarray. Most hoarder’s rooms are always in disarray and filthy with dirt, debris, and in some cases human waste and vomit. You are also likely to find hard drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Don’t be surprised when you hear your brother’s apartment is under contract with a professional cleaning company. Commercial property owners usually hire cleaners to keep their property safe and sanitized. Calling these ill-qualified cleaners to handle the cleaning of the apartment of the sick individual can be likened to a death warrant. They will proceed to the apartment and get the work done, as usual, cleaning the debris, bodily fluid, vomit, human waste, and drug paraphernalia without protective gear

The doctor’s report has it that your family member was hospitalized for contracting a wide range of viruses and infections such as MRSA, hepatitis, and HIV. To worsen the case, all the items including drug paraphernalia, materials, and sharps found at the cleaning site are likely contaminated. The traditional cleaners assigned to clean the property may likely perform the tasks without wearing any sort of proper protection like masks, gloves, and hazmat suit.

If you do not want a reoccurrence of what happened at the initial stage, the best line of action is to contact a professional cleaner to detail and sanitize the apartment. These experts are properly equipped and are aware of the hazards around them. Returning your brother to a properly disinfected home will eliminate the chances of getting infected again.

Keep in mind that there are more jobs that need to be done other than the cleaning and that is finding a lasting solution to the root cause of the problem. Why would your beloved brother hoard items in his apartment? Why leave his room unkempt and untidy? If you fail to address this issue, be prepared for a repeat situation.

A Note to Professional Cleaners

Regardless of what you are hired to clean, be it a home, vehicle, commercial building, or yard maintenance, keep in mind that biohazards can’t be seen by the naked eyes, so learn to protect yourself at all times. Traditional cleaners should know when to walk away from a cleaning job. Not all cleaning tasks can be handled using traditional cleaning agents. Some cleaning tasks are best left to professional crime scene cleaners.