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Why Retroviewer has maintained a Constant Rating- How to Customize One! 

Are you looking at how to blow your past holiday photos in a flair? Thanks to 3D imaging and view master, you can do it in a retro-style. Retroviewers are 3D custom reels and viewers for consumers made in a similar way to view master toys. Image3d retroviewer is nothing out of place; it is a big plastic viewer designed with all the concepts of view master, from using reels to produce perfect 3D images to incorporating vintage technology in their making.

Now that view master is set for the virtual world, Image3d retroviewer brings back classic 1950’s to 80’s picture viewer, which view master dropped decades ago. It explains how the past picture viewer was in the modest way that is enjoyed by everyone. Additionally, a retroviewer is made from your own collections, from wedding photos stored in albums to your teenage high school photos.

On average, image3d retroviewers are rated 3.5 by customers. In our article today, we are going to find out why for decades, these magnificent toys have managed to stay not on top but somewhere noticeable. Let us find out why a good portion of customers love retroviewers.

  • It is a great gift idea.

I don’t know what a great gift idea looks like, but I’m certain retroviewer is a visualized example of a perfect gift. These toys are small, fit for all ages, and customizable- the perfect characteristics of a good gift.

If you are planning to get your loved one a gift, think about retroviewer; it sparks the past memories saved in picture form and presented in reels to be viewed in this toy. Though it shares distinct characteristics with view master, a retroviewer is highly customizable.

With past photos and retroviewer reels, you can create a lively family toy and handover as a gift. Converting your photos into to3D images and using them in a reel is very simple, but you will need a little digging to find out how the job is done.

  • First-timers find it interesting to use retroviewers

Other than feeding your curiosity, retroviewer’s cool appearance creates a positive signature in someone’s mind, especially first-timers. First, people try to understand how this ancient technology is working without any source of power to show pictures. Retroviewers defy all laws of modern-day technology and use optics to transform pictures into 3d images, which are more enjoyable to look at.

This is how the retroviewer works.

As already mentioned above, a retroviewer uses reels that hold pictures. Once you move the lever, the reel rotates, which in turn changes the pictures you are viewing. For every rotation, two almost identical pictures position directly in front of the lenses and eyes. One picture feeds the right while the other is for the left eye. Though there are two pictures, when you look directly through the lenses, you won’t notice the difference; they appear like a single picture.

There are some reels that hold seven pairs of pictures that are 14 in totals, so if you are using it, you will move the lever seven times to see all the pictures. But once you activate the lever, the picture you at the beginning reappears.

Sticking your family’s photos in a viewer is amazing. You can try with as many photos as possible so long as you have the reels to hold them. For example, the first reel might be for family photos, picnic pictures for reel two, reel three for homecoming party photos, and the list goes on and on until you exhaust your photos. So each time you finish viewing a reel with family photos, you put another one, perhaps for picnic pictures. It is fun and enjoyable!

Retroviewer is a step back in history. 

The first image of retroviewer was created in the 1930s as view master toys. By then, there were no screens, so; these toys were a great hit since they provided almost similar entertainment utility we get from phones. It is awkward to start comparing these old arenas to 21st century PCs, but if you get one, you will understand why a retroviewer was a great piece of entertainment.

A retroviewer is a great relic to store in your archive. Other than sticking to beautiful old scenes in traditional reels these toys come with, keep updating the reels by adding your photos. Customize as many reels as possible to make your own gallery. With the current image3d reel, 1950’s retroviewer, and a collection of pictures, nothing can stop you from idolizing history! This is why having an image3d retroviewer sends you back in time when everything was done in a certain fashion.

How do you order an image3d retroviewer?

Tough the production retroviewer remains unchanged; some manufactures have improved its appearance and included other 21st century touches in its design. Nowadays, you can place orders online through the manufacturers’ system and get a fully customized retroviewer or buy from an outlet and customize the reels at home. With these two tantalizing option, choosing which one to follow is difficult, but from my little research, I came up with the following points;

  • Ordering

If you want a fully customized retroviewer, you must submit your 3D photos that will be put in reels. Ordering a customized retroviewer takes ten to fourteen working days to be completed, so order early enough to avoid inconveniences.

  • Payment

Most companies accept almost any form of payment as long as it is from a legit source. To avoid payment problems, use PayPal or a valid credit card. These two payment options are widely acceptable, and they don’t require long approval processes. Also, note, after submitting pictures and paying, it is when your order will be considered valid and not a prank, and the company will immediately start working on your image3d retroviewer.

  • Shipping

In many instances most manufacturers offer free shipping for a certain amount of orders; it is better you understand this before contacting a company. Several shipping options are available to choose from depending on urgency, location, and charges. The sales representative will calculate the final receipt and include all charges plus shipping fee to the final receipt. Thus, add some amount other than the actual price of the retroviewer to your budget.

  • Submitting photos

Not all photos are acceptable in the customization of retroviewers. Some are of a low quality, which means they can’t produce good pictures for reels. 1112 pixels by 955 pixels photo is acceptable. Also, vertical photos are allowed, but they are difficult to work with; hence it is better to avoid them. However, low-resolution photos downloaded from the internet can’t be used in this process.

  • Texts

You might want to add some inspirational or love messages to your reel photo; it is possible but with a limited number of characters. Just write whatever message you want to appear on the reel photos, and it will be added in 3d.

  • Viewers

Ritroviewers come in an array of colors you can choose from. Blue, black and white is most common. It does no harm choosing any of the above colors so long as it matches your personality. I’m always personable about blue; what about you?

Fun is not only found in buzzing clubs and casinos; little toys like retroviewers play a crucial role in saving and sparking happy moments. With the current generation of image3d retroviewer customizable with your photos, nothing can stop you from having fun! Also, you can use these little historical toys as gifts for your loved ones.


Postprandial Somnolence or Just a Food Coma?

Postprandial somnolence sounds like some sort of dreaded disease. But don’t worry.  Almost everyone has experienced postprandial somnolence at some time and lived through it without a scratch.

Don’t worry about family members catching it. Postprandial somnolence is merely the sluggish way people sometimes feel after they eat a meal; it’s sometimes humorously called going into a food coma.

Postprandial somnolence is made up of two elements:  sleepiness and low energy levels.  There have never been detailed scientific studies of postprandial somnolence, but most medical professionals have theories.

This article on postprandial somnolence will look at the various reasons people might experience it.

How the Nervous System Works

To understand this idea of postprandial somnolence, one needs to know more about the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system directs the activities of the entire digestive system, from making spit in the mouth, all the way to the end of the bowels.

Medical scientists think that the parasympathetic nervous system goes into this sleepy, resting phase after a meal because it senses the food in the stomach and bowels.  It is possibly true that the mere presence of food kicks off the sleepy response, but it is not proven.

Blood Flow Theory

Earlier theories thought that blood was pulled away from the brain and delivered to the digestive system causing people to feel sleepy.

Nowadays, the blood flow theory is not in favor.  Scientists have noticed that people can engage in strenuous exercise and not feel sleepy afterward.  Likewise, it makes sense that eating would not pull blood from the brain.  The body makes sure the brain has all the blood it needs, regardless of exercise or eating.

The Vagus Nerve

More scientists these days believe postprandial somnolence has more of a connection with a different nerve within the parasympathetic nervous system called the vagus nerve.

This nerve has attracted more attention these days because of a possible link to migraine headaches. In fact, with more studies, scientists have found that stimulation of the vagus nerve can affect how much pain is felt during a migraine.

On the other hand, during digestion, the vagus nerve is very busy.  When the vagus nerve is activated by food in the digestive system, it makes the body release several hormones.

One of the hormones released is melatonin.  Most people today are familiar with melatonin as a sleep aid, so clearly this is something that is contributing to postprandial somnolence.

Rising and Falling Glucose Levels

Something else that might contribute to sleepiness after meals are the increase in sugar in the blood.  Too much blood sugar can make people feel sleepy until the body releases enough insulin to regulate the glucose.

When a person eats, their glucose level goes up, the body starts putting out insulin, and the glucose eventually drops. These swings in blood glucose often make the body feel fatigued and sleepy.

When people say they feel tired because they had a heavy meal, this refers to having a lot of foods that are heavy in carbs and sugars and make the stomach feel full.

The Food Itself

Then there is the allergy theory.  Many people don’t realize they have a food allergy or a food intolerance.  In many cases, a sensitivity to certain food can make people feel fatigued after a meal containing those particular foods.

Here’s where the migraine/vagus nerve connection comes into play.  If a person does indeed have an undiagnosed food sensitivity, that person might wake up with a migraine in the morning after eating the offending food.

These people may have had the postprandial somnolence the night before after they ate, then the next morning the stimulation of the vagus nerve from a food intolerance brought on the morning migraine.

The Size of the Meal

Reading all these reasons for a food coma, most people would wonder why postprandial somnolence doesn’t happen after they eat a snack or a small bowl of soup.  Why does it only happen after a full meal?  Why are the symptoms worse after eating too much?

When people eat, the stomach stretches to accommodate the food.  This stretching action stimulates those pesky nerves in the parasympathetic nervous system mentioned earlier and they cause the body to produce more of those hormones.

More questions come to mind.  Why doesn’t drinking liquids make a person sleepy?  Why is it only solid foods that cause postprandial somnolence?  This is explained by the different sections in the human stomach.

Studies show that liquids are processed in the fundus, which is the upper part of the stomach.  Solids are processed in the antrum, which is the lower part of the stomach.  Obviously, the two different stomach sections have different connections to the brain.   The bottom section sends more of the sleepy signals.

It’s Not Turkey

As scientists and doctors examine the various theories about what causes postprandial somnolence, they have discovered a few things that do not cause postprandial somnolence.

For years and years, people have thought that the reason they fall asleep after Thanksgiving dinner is that turkey has tryptophan.  Well, guess what?  Beef and pork and chicken also contain tryptophan just as turkey does.   Oatmeal has tryptophan and so does milk.

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that your body can’t make on its own. It has to come from plants and animals that we eat.  But the relationship between tryptophan and sleepiness is not direct.

Digesting the food in your stomach makes your blood sugar rise.  Rising blood sugar triggers your body to release insulin.  Insulin triggers your body to sweep out all the other amino acids, except for tryptophan.  The tryptophan is then converted to serotonin in the brain.  Serotonin is what is believed to cause sleepiness and contributes to food coma.

Thanksgiving dinner probably makes people more sleepy because they eat too much food, drink alcohol, or eat too many carbs.  Time to stop blaming the poor turkey.