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Industries That Use Hydraulic System

Hydraulic systems provide power to a hydraulic machine or equipment through the use of incompressible fluid that flows through its parts. Hydraulic power packs generally consist of the motor, pump, fluid reservoir and valves. Like their electric and pneumatic counterparts, they too have their share of pros and cons. Hydraulic systems produce more power, they operate with less noise, and they are safer even when uses in hazardous settings. The drawback is the risk of fluid leakage that can be messy and can cause the efficiency of the system to decrease. Since the advantages outweigh the cons, this system is widely used in various industries, including the following.


Hydraulic power is used for the steering and brake of vehicles. Cars that have hydraulic power steering makes it easier for drivers to steer the wheel and move or change direction. It’s more convenient than the use of its manual counterpart. The brake system of the car also uses hydraulic as the brake fluid goes through the parts of the system for it to work. This is why it is crucial to have the right level of brake fluid for the brake to work properly and avoid accidents.


The manufacturing of various products requires the use of machines to make the work fast, thus an increase in productivity. While some manufacturers use pneumatic systems in the process, some companies use hydraulic systems. Some of the machines that may use hydraulics are presses and conveyors. Hydraulic presses make the pressing of materials more effective because of its power. Conveyors will conveniently move items or materials from one area to another.


Whether it’s a small-scale or a large-scale agricultural setting, there are several hydraulic types of equipment used including but not limited to augers, cutters, dryers, and tractors. Hydraulic systems are also ideal for this industry because they are safe to operate even when exposed to high temperature.


Heavy equipment used in the construction industry is also hydraulic-powered. Some of them are cranes, loaders, backhoes, forklifts, and bulldozers, to name a few. They are sturdy and powerful, making them the best options for the construction work that may require heavy lifting or demolition of old structures.


Like in automobile, hydraulic systems are also used in the aircraft industry. The brake system of an aeroplane is one example. It can efficiently produce high force without using much fluid. Hydraulic power is also used in other areas such as the movement of flaps and gear.


Aircraft and land-based vehicles are not the only mode of transport that use hydraulic systems but ships too. Aside from making it move, hydraulic power also helps in the stability of the ship through its stabilizers. Depending on the use of the boat or ship, it may also come with various hydraulic powered equipment including winches and deck cranes.

Whatever industry you are in, if you need a piece of powerful equipment or machine for your operation, you may consider one that uses a hydraulic system.

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