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Crab Pots


You may have enjoyed the best crab dinner at a restaurant, and you feel that you need to learn more about them. As you learn, you must know the best way to catch crabs. The crab pot functions using the crabs’ instincts to trap them. It lures the crabs to enter the cube-shaped mess of the wire. The crab gets into the strategically placed openings that they enter and cannot escape.

The cube-shaped mess of wire has some small holes that allow the crabs to get in and fail to leave. The cube-shaped mess is ideal for trapping crabs used in calmer waters such as canals and dams. Your pot opening size should be approximately 60 cm in circumference or smaller. The pot opening is flexible with a barrier. The crab pot should also have a bait that attracts crabs. Krabbeteiner should be heavy enough to ensure they sink to the bottom of the canal.

Drop your crab pot at night if you want to catch the maximum number of crabs. You can put crab baits since they come out of the mud to feed early in the morning. Avoid crabbing in the middle of the day since crabs hide during that time. There is a high likelihood that you may not catch any crab at that time of the day.

The other important thing is to be careful to avoid crab bites. You should have protective clothing such as thick gloves. But the best way to avoid crab bites is to be careful. Also, ensure that you have pincers for holding them from behind. A scoop is good for transferring crabs from one place to other. The scoop protects you from having crab bites. After catching crabs, you should release the small ones into the water to allow them to mature. When cooking, drop them into hot water gently to avoid scalding your skin.