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Why You Should Not Scream at Your Child Who Spends too Much Time Playing

There are times when you feel annoyed that your child spends too much time playing. Even when you have to eat dinner, your child ignores you. When your child is studying, it might get sacrificed because of too much time spent playing. Even when you feel tempted to get angry and scream at your child for this behaviour, you shouldn’t. It’s harmful if you scream because your child wants to play. 

Children need to play

It’s children’s nature to play. You can’t stop them from doing so. They’re at the stage where they enjoy playing, and they learn a lot of things. You look at it from the perspective of an adult. Imagine telling someone not to go to work to provide for their family. It would be terrible. The same thing happens with children. Telling them that they can’t do what they want might hurt them.

There are skills learned when playing 

Playing isn’t a waste of time. Children learn a lot when they play. When they do it with other children, they learn how to socialise. They also refine their motor skills when they play. Some games might even require them to improve their logical and critical thinking skills. They are at an age where they have to learn a lot of new things. Allow them to discover and enjoy whatever is available. If they can’t pursue what they want, it might derail their development.

You might strain your relationship 

You also have to consider your relationship with your children. Screaming at them constantly might affect your relationship. They will never forget the time that you told them to avoid playing when they were having fun. You might also make it a habit to scream at them for almost everything. Instead of building trust and respect at home, it becomes a place of anger and frustration.

There are other ways to discipline 

If you believe that your children can’t control themselves and require discipline, there are other ways to do it. Screaming at them isn’t the only option. For instance, you can tell them to behave well by having a sincere conversation. You can also set the rules that will change their behaviour, provided that they are involved in creating these rules. 

Let your children enjoy themselves  

The happiness of your children should also be your happiness. If there is an age where they still love to play, you have to allow them to do it. They won’t be young forever. There will come a time when they will face more serious problems in life. Instead of getting angry at them, you can spend more time playing with them.

An excellent idea would be having an indoor playground. Your children can spend more time playing, and you can also be there to enjoy it with them. Check out houseofplay.com if you need to have one at home soon. 


Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/fn3puWB0pHY