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Top 4 Traditional Rakhi for Brother for Raksha Bandhan 2021

With diverse cultures come diverse celebrations in India; however, Raksha Bandhan is one such occasion that is observed with equal dignity and joy across the nation. Raksha Bandhan is the festival commemorating the practice of tying a Rakhi on the wrist of a brother by a sister. Rakhi threads are now available in a variety of styles that fall into many categories. Every year, thousands of new concepts come to the market. However, the traditional rakhi threads mentioned below will never go out of style. If you would like to send rakhi to your brother living far away from you, traditional rakhi can be a great choice. Below are some of the best traditional rakhi that you can send to your loved sibling:

1. Zardosi Rakhi

Zardosi is a magnificent and creative artwork embroidered on fabric using gold and silver thread. Zardosi, a Persian method, has evolved in India to attain even higher degrees of complexity. The best selection of rakhis that have been the essence of the Zardosi method can be found online. Zardosi rakhis are traditional rakhis that delight brothers of all ages and give the sacred thread a gleaming sheen.

2. Mauli Rakhi

Mauli is an Indian holy thread that is utilized in a variety of religious events across the country. It is one of the most traditional rakhis and an excellent choice to send your brother for coming rakhi celebrations. Mauli Rakhi is well-known for its distinctive appearance and hues. It is a conventional rakhi that comes in a variety of exquisite styles.

3. Chandan Rakhi

Rakhis made with Chandan or sandalwood are known as Chandan Rakhis. Because of their distinct features, Chandan Rakhis are pretty desirable. In the online marketplaces, there is a variety of Chandan Rakhis to choose from. Chandan is a highly costly item in India, and it is primarily found in the south. The smell and distinct quality of Chandan Rakhi have made it a popular choice among females. If you want to send something special for your brother living in the USA, then Chandan Rakhi will be a good choice. Send Rakhi to USA via a trusted online rakhi shop.

4. Rudraksha Rakhi

Rudraksha is a kind of seed that has religious significance in Hinduism. Wearing a Rudraksha might help you relax. Rudraksha rakhis are holy strands that bind siblings together. Rudraksha is a bead with miraculous powers that shields its wearer from pain and sorrow. It also provides health and good prosperity in their life. Sending a Rudraksha rakhi to your brother would show him that you care about him.

Traditional Rakhi is more than simply a thread; it is a one-of-a-kind and unmatched link that reflects the siblings’ relationship’s devotion, concern, admiration, and closeness. Raksha Bandhan is a great way to celebrate the diversity of Indian values and traditions, not just via religious ceremonies but also the gorgeous Rakhi threads. You can send rakhi to Dubai with the help of a trusted and authentic online rakhi shop, SendRakhi.com. The reliable online platform offers effective rakhi delivery across the world.

Birth of the Internet & Convenience of Online Shopping

Who doesn’t like comfort?

What do you think about why the world is witnessing new innovations every day?

For the sake of comfort!

The string of inventions started with a motive to bring comfort in life. Whether it’s the light bulb from Thomas Alva Edison or the telephone from Alexander Graham Bell, comfort is what inventions seek.

One such invention was that of the Internet. But, apparently like many other inventions, the Internet has no single inventor. It is something that evolved over time. The first-ever spark of the Internet was given by the United States when they launched the world’s first manmade satellite into orbit, Sputnik, on October 4, 1957. After that, In 1962, a scientist from M.I.T. and ARPA named J.C.R. Licklider proposed a “galactic network” of computers that could talk to one another. Slowly and steadily, more computers were added to the ARPAnet. The scenarios changed completely in 1991, and the network of computers changed into the Internet when a computer programmer in Switzerland named Tim Berners-Lee introduced the World Wide Web.



Since then, the Internet has witnessed many upgrades, and today the world runs on the Internet.

The online shopping that we people around the world use to buy many different things recorded its first-ever retail transaction NetMarket or Internet Shopping Network in 1994. Immediately after, Amazon.com launched its online shopping site in 1995, and eBay was also introduced in 1995.

Online shopping has become so popular that today you can buy and sell almost all types of things throughout the world from the comfort of your homes. The convenience of online shopping has given the world the opportunity to expand their business beyond the boundaries of nations. And those who are too busy earning the bread and luxury have got the way to shop anytime and anywhere.

Today, one can buy small-to-small and big-to-big things in a few clicks and taps. You can get a King-Sized bed delivered to your doorstep and can also use services like online rakhi delivery. It’s literally like making the world a small place. Apart from the source of comfort, online shopping is a great help for those who are unable to walk outside of their homes to buy the things they need. And it has also been a help for people around the world to celebrate their occasions and festivals.

We all love to celebrate with our loved ones, but there have always been the situations of not being able to be with them. For instance: those people who move to a new city or country and those brave soldiers who are sacrificing their everything for the pride of the county, they hardly get to celebrate with their families. That’s where the convenience of online shopping showed that inventions also help to strengthen the relationships.

With online gifting portals in the scene, sending birthday gifts around the world and buying silver rakhi online to commemorate festivals like Raksha Bandhan, online shopping has got us all covered.


Thank You, Internet!


What Are Fruit Juice Concentrates and Are They Good for You?

Supermarket and grocery shelves are often lined with a variety of fruit juices, and fruit juice concentrates. Which product is better? Well, today, you are going to learn what fruit juice concentrates are, the process, and the potential health benefits they can give you.

Definition of fruit juice concentrate

About 90 per cent of fruit juice is water. When you extract most of the water, you will get fruit juice concentrate, which is thick and syrupy. The product comes in many forms, and each type may offer different amounts of minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

When you remove the water content of the juice, it reduces the risk of bacterial growth. The process makes the concentrate spoil-resistant much longer than raw fruit juice. Likewise, the process trims down the cost of packaging, storing, and transporting the product.

However, the methods of processing fruit juice concentrate differ. Most products are pasteurised, evaporated, and filtered, but some manufacturers put in additives. As a consumer, you must be aware of this and find fruit juice concentrate suppliers UK that carries trustworthy and high-quality brands.

Remember that you must dilute the concentrate with filtered water before drinking the juice.

Making fruit juice concentrates

Washed whole fruits are crushed and blended to reduce them into a pulp. Afterwards, the pulp undergoes water extraction and evaporation. Some of the natural flavours of the fruits are also diluted or removed in the process. Thus, some manufacturers add artificial compounds to enhance the flavours. These flavour packs are usually fruit by-products.

It is also possible for manufacturers to add high-fructose corn syrup as sweetener, as well as artificial aromas and colours to enhance the appearance of the juice concentrate.

Some products receive treatment to take out harmful microbes so that the products can have a longer shelf life.

Different types of fruit juice concentrate

You’ll find different types of fruit juice concentrate on the market, and their health benefits vary as well.

The healthiest choice is the concentrate made from 100 per cent fruit, which still contains most of the nutrients. Natural fruit sugars sweeten the product, although it may even include some additives.

You may see concentrated beverage, punch, or fruit cocktail on grocery shelves, which are blends of different juices that may include additional sweeteners and flavours. Check the label to see if the concentrate has added sugars, such as high-fructose corn syrup, fructose syrup, or cane sugar, which are not good for you.

Spray and freeze-drying methods remove all the water in the fruit juice, producing powdered juice concentrates. They may have more anti-inflammatory compounds that can help reduce the occurrence of chronic inflammation, although they may have added sugars. Be sure to read the label before buying powdered juice concentrate.

Possible health benefits

The most popular juice concentrates are apple, pineapple, and orange. Juice concentrates are cheaper, and storage is easier. Many of them retain the essential nutrients of fresh fruits. They contain healthy plant compounds, like flavonoids, anthocyanins, and carotenoids, which help fight inflammation and boost heart health. They likewise promote more youthful skin.

See to it that you read the nutrition label before you buy fruit juice concentrates, to get the most health benefits, especially if you do not have regular access to fresh fruits.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/orange-juice-cup-tree-1921548/