My hummus is back and better than ever thanks to my food processor 


I’ve been making homemade hummus almost every week for years. It’s the dish that I bring to every family gathering and holiday or when I’m introducing myself to new neighbors and it’s become a sort of tradition to make when chickpea season starts (late spring, by the way). I make my hummus pretty traditionally with a nice fresh garnish like parsley. Of course, to make good hummus, the texture is the most important part.


You can mash the chickpeas by hand, which is how plenty of people do it. However, I like my hummus to be as smooth and creamy as possible, which makes doing it by hand a chore. You also have to soak and peel the chickpeas beforehand, making it even more time-consuming. Instead of relying on my hands and always getting a chunky texture, I turn to a food processor.


I’ve been making it this way for years, and I’ll inevitably pass down the recipe to my children someday. It’s incredibly easy to do and almost feels like cheating — it’s a secret that my most famous dish only takes 20 minutes to make! All I do by hand is peel the chickpeas. Then I throw them in the food processor along with garlic and other ingredients to cut and mash up!


While I could do everything by hand, it would take me hours. Given how often I make the recipe, I’m sure that my Cuisinart food processor has more than paid for itself. So, when I accidentally dropped the entire machine once getting it out of the pantry, I was pretty upset. I thought I would have to buy another one or just start making my homemade hummus by hand.


I plugged it in expecting the worst, but it was surprisingly durable. The machine worked fine; unfortunately, my bowl was almost totally shattered. It felt bad to replace the whole unit just because a bowl cracked, so I decided to start digging around for replacement parts. Surely they must account for situations like this?

Turns out, they do! Kitchen Works Inc. is the website I found for my new bowl. They carry Cuisinart food processor replacement parts of all kinds. All of their parts and accessories are official Cuisinart parts, so they’re high quality and you don’t have to worry about their durability. I easily found my food processor on their website and was introduced to bowls, accessories, and blades of all kinds to help me fix my problem. Even better, it was far cheaper to replace the bowls than get a whole new unit. I decided to pick up the original bowl size again and grab a larger one for when I make hummus for everybody.


I had tried making hummus once already before the bowl came in, and I could taste the difference in texture. It was so much less creamy that I almost didn’t want to finish it. Luckily, my new bowls arrived quickly so I didn’t suffer for long – now I’m fully prepared for my brother’s birthday get-together next week!