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Why It’s Important to Take Care of Your Shoes

While many of us have quite a few pairs of shoes, most people tend to return to the same pair over and over. But unless you take care of your favorite pair of shoes, they are not likely to last very long, particularly if you wear them most days.

Shoes are actually very important and are more than just a fashion accessory to complement your clothing choice. In fact, they are designed to protect your feet and provide comfort, which as you know is essential considering the fact that most of us spend a lot of time on our feet every day.

Why You Need to Look After Your Shoes

If you are wearing the same pair of shoes every day or every other day, there is a higher chance of them not only getting dirty but also becoming a bit smelly. A dirty pair of shoes does not create a good impression; if the shoes smell bad, it can be even worse. It is therefore a good idea to get into the habit of regularly cleaning your shoes to keep them fresh.

Make sure you wash your shoes in the correct manner, as some materials are unsuitable for washing machines. If you do wash them in the machine, be sure to choose a delicate setting with a low spin to prevent damage to both the shoes and the machine. Some people will place shoes inside a pillowcase and tie it at the top as this stops the shoes from banging about the machine during the wash cycle.

Once the shoes are completely dry, you can use a shoe deodorizer such as those made by shoe experts ShoeFresh. Spraying freshly cleaned shoes will ensure that your shoes not only look great but smell great too.

If you take care of your shoes and keep them looking and smelling good, they will last longer. However, it is important that you don’t wear the same pair of shoes every single day if you want to get the most from them. Taking a break every other day will allow your shoes to dry out and air, thus preventing a buildup of bacteria that can cause them to smell bad.

When shoes smell bad, they need to be washed more regularly, which will inevitably shorten their lifespan. A buildup of bacteria in your shoes not only smells bad, but it can also lead to the development of fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, which can be both uncomfortable and painful at times.

How to Take Care of Shoes

Besides regular cleaning of your shoes, there are ways to keep them in good condition. For example, you should store your shoes carefully so that they are away from dust and moisture. Placing your shoes in a closet is one way to keep them clean, but if you are throwing your shoes in and have multiple pairs on top of each other, it can cause the shoes to become misshapen. It is better to store your shoes in boxes or on a shoe rack.

Shoeboxes should be made from cardboard, or you can place shoes in a special bag made from a breathable fabric. Avoid storing shoes in plastic containers as they prevent air from circulating.


Taking care of your shoes is important for a number of reasons. For one thing, it will ensure that the shoes last longer, and it will also prevent them from looking scruffy and smelling bad. You can make your shoes look better by cleaning them regularly and storing them properly when they are not being worn.