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What you should know about ParaGard IUD Removal Side Effects Lawsuit

ParaGard IUD is a hormone-free long-term birth control type set to prohibit pregnancy among women for ten years. Paragard is a “T” shaped copper-lines plastic, and a professional healthcare worker inserts it into the uterus. After insertion, the copper molecules prevent the fertilization process from taking place. The device is monitored for periodical complications. When a woman decides to give birth, removing Paragard IUD is a simple process. First, the physician must pull the strings on the device’s base and get it out of the uterus. At times the machine breaks in the body, affecting women’s reproductive health.

In the recent past, several ParaGard IUD removal side effect lawsuit have been filed. The device can break within the uterus which leaves people with copper-lined plastics. In addition, the shards often get stuck in other body parts of the uterus, and the affected need expensive surgeries to remove the shards.

According to the lawsuits, most Pharmaceuticals, the ParaGard IUD manufacturer, has taken to task over the device’s design. In addition, the problem has led to a class action suit with more than 1000 plaintiffs. All the plaintiffs allege that the machine broke during the explant.

The affected patients need compensation to cover the necessary surgeries to remove the shards. Surgeries such as hysteroscopy or hysterectomy are costly. On the contrary, even with the removal of the shards, patents could have permanent effects, which include infertility. In addition, some surgeries cannot remove the ParaGard IUD shards. For example, in March 2020, a plaintiff stated that medical procedures did not remove the broken copper wire shards from the uterus. As a result, some women had a hysterectomy to eliminate recurrent pain. Settlements occur when the defendant’s lawyer and the manufacturer agree. However, ParaGard IUD lawsuit settlement fees have not been made public.