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A Quick Guide to Dome Homes: the New House Structures

A dome home is a structure with a rather unconventional shape. A dome home is eccentric because it deviates from the regular structural construction basics.

Dome home has walls, a floor, a roof, doors, and windows.  However, they are round or spherical. A dome home uses a shell framework during construction. Domes have been in the construction space for a long time. Spherical rooms are more spacious than regularly shaped houses. This is because a dome home encloses more volume within a small surface. Consequently, fewer building materials are used, thereby reducing construction costs.

A dome home is resistant to wind and solid enough to withstand substantial force. Dome homes are ideal in regions prone to intense storms and heavy snowfall.

Types of dome homes

There are different types of dome homes.

    1. Geodesic- The type of dome home structure lies on interconnected triangles. A triangle is a rigid shape ideal for building the toughest joints. However, the internodes are prone to frequent flooding. But the roof, walls, and joints make it a sturdy structure that can last for decades.
    2. Monolithic- A monolithic dome home is made with a single layer of concrete and other thick materials. The single layer of concrete makes it resistant to bug infestation and other forms of deterioration. The exterior details are uniform, making it airtight, sturdy, and tough.
  • Yurts: This is probably the mother of all dome homes. Yurts are ancient shelters with straight roof rafters tied to lattice walls. Modern yurts have compression roofs, sphere shapes, and lattice walls. They’re also made from modern building materials and use steel fasteners and lightweight insulation. They are low-cost and therefore become popular rental accommodation units.

Advantages of modern dome homes

  1. Versatile-Domes are designed to fit various architectural needs such as cabins, bulk storage, churches, arenas, gymnasiums, and stadiums. Dome structures can be constructed on dry land, by the beach, underground, in mountainous regions, and underwater.
  2. Durable- Dome homes can withstand many natural disasters such as wind and snow. A dome-shaped house only allows wind to move around, which has lesser impact than flat, surfaced walls.
  3. Energy-efficient- A dome home is an energy-efficient space. The spherical shape makes the sun refract within the dome, warming the space sufficiently. A dome home decreases the need to heat and light the house constantly. Therefore, a dome home is an eco-friendly housing solution.
  4. Strong and sturdy- Geodesic homes are increasingly popular due to climate change and associated weather catastrophes. The structural shape of a geodesic dome makes it stable to withstand storms. A dome or sphere is more durable than a square and rectangle. Consequently, a dome home is proportionally bigger, stronger, and more durable than conventional homes.
  5. Affordable- a dome home is a low-cost structure. It has less surface area than conventional homes. Typically, geodesic domes consume fewer building materials, keeping your total building cost low. Many dome homes use fast-drying a combination of foam and cement. Other materials used are timber, steel, and aluminum.
  6. Provides housing solutions – for all a geodesic home is simple to build and maintain. Although it is not a conventional living space, it provides quality housing options for many homeless people.
  7. Unique-A dome home is not your convection house. A dome home makes a personal statement about your taste, style, and preferences.

Disadvantages of geodesic dome homes

Dome homes are popular because they’re cost-effective and a viable housing solution. However, there are some downsides to this housing option.

  • Hard to furnish

It is challenging to find furniture pieces to fit a dome home. A dome home is spherical, and so its corners are curved. One has to request custom-made furniture because the market rarely has ready-made pieces for a geodesic home. Similarly, wall arts and other interior décor are hard to find in the conventional market. Therefore, owning a dome home may be more expensive than buying an ordinary house.

  • Privacy issues

A circular home is an excellent environment-friendly housing option. It allows adequate air circulation and maximizes solar energy. However, it echoes and allows noise to travel around the house, causing noise pollution. Noise pollution becomes more significant with the size of the house: the smaller it is, the more noise circulates within the dome.

  • Construction red tapes

Building a geodesic home may look easy. However, its architectural details make it complicated. Building a geodesic home comes with a lot of red tapes. For instance, it isn’t easy to find doors and windows to fit a dome home. Homeowners associations rarely approve dome homes because the geodesic housing option is unconventional. Homeowners may take years to obtain a homeowners’ association approval.

  • Weak links

A geodesic home has hundreds of joints between the triangles. Therefore, a dome home frequently leaks roofs and windows, especially during wet seasons. Further, depending on the location, a dome home can increase the risk of growing mold and compromise the air quality.

  • Hard to sell

A home is a permanent structure. Therefore, it should be easy to dispose of when you want to move to a new neighborhood. Selling a geodesic home is challenging and can lead to substantial loss because it is unpopular among home buyers. Investing in a geodesic home is not a great business idea because a housing unit remains unsold for years on end.

  • Builders are hard to find

Many construction contractors specialize in building conventional homes. A few architects, roofing, and designers understand the geodesic polyhedrons. Further, designing three-dimensional shapes is time-consuming because dome homes’ walls should all be flat outfacing surfaces.

  • Relatively costly 

Building a geodesic home can be expensive because many building companies must research widely before signing a construction contract. For architectural coverings, a geodesic home should use eco-friendly materials such as fiberglass, steel, plexiglass, and polyester. Further, many house-building kits include only the shell construction materials and not the interior details.


A dome home is a spherical structure. It is energy-efficient, low-cost housing that stands out from the other types of houses in the neighborhood.


The Formation Of The Amethyst Cathedral 

The excellent geodes found along the Uruguay-Brazil border are from a region with significant deposits. German geochemists studied this region. The team of H. Albert Gilg of Technical University Munchen studied the deposits using techniques commonly utilized in geochemist research.

The deposits extracted from various lava flows originated from the Parana Continental Flood basalt province. It is regarded as one of the largest outbursts of molten rock known to have happened in the world. It’s estimated that approximately 800,000 cubic kilometers of lava have been extruded from this region over the last 11 million years.

The eruption occurred during the South Atlantic Ocean’s opening phase during the Cretaceous period, which happened around 130 million years ago. Although most of the lava flows are known to have amethyst cathedral geodes, only a few are known to have these deposits.

Stage 1 

The researchers proposed a two-stage model to explain the various phases of the crystal formation process. In the first stage, the large hollows formed due to the release of volcanic gases from the lava. As the gas bubbles formed, they rose. Similar to the bubbles that form when soda pop is poured, the crystal structures eventually rise as they are formed.

As the temperature of the lava increased, the thick and sticky material trapped the gas bubbles and formed tubular and bulbous shapes. These structures could be seen in the mines when the geodes are in place. However, these hollow cavities are not filled with crystal structures.

Stage 2 

The second stage involved forming various crystal structures, such as amethyst, gypsum, and quartz. One of the most important factors that contributed to the development of these materials was the presence of liquid and gas bubbles within the minerals.

Using sophisticated instruments, researchers analyzed the various characteristics of the fluid inclusions, such as their composition. They were able to determine that the deposits were filled with salty water. The water’s temperature could be as low as 50 degrees Celsius during the mineral formation process.

What Was The Source Of The Fluids? 

Through the data collected by the researchers, it was revealed that the geodes’ fluids came from the deposits that formed around 130 million years ago. However, the green celadonite, which makes up the geodes’ rinds, formed around 70 million years ago.

The data collected from the fluid inclusions also gave researchers new insight into the crystal formation process. They discovered that the overlying lava flows were filled with water from an underground aquifer, similar to the fluids found in the geodes’ deposits. If the area had been tilted and lifted 70 million years ago, the water would have forced its way into the overlying lava.

During the lava flow, the water was likely transported to the region by the volcanic glass, which breaks down over time and allows the chemicals to be readily soluble in the water. These chemicals then flowed into the cavities and formed crystal structures.

The combination of geologic conditions and the natural processes that have occurred over millions of years can be very rare. Understanding the process involved in crystal formation provides geologists with the necessary tools to find new deposits.

Uses of the Amethyst Cathedral 

According to ancient Greece, it could help ward off alcohol consumption. In ancient Egypt, the stone was used to represent a goat, symbolizing the enemy of vineyards and vines. Due to its vibrant purple color, it has also been regarded as a symbol of royalty. Today, amethyst is used in various practices and beliefs across the world.

Zodiac Associations 

February is the birthstone of amethyst, and it can provide various benefits to people born under the signs of Aquarius and Pisces. For those under the sign of Aquarius, it can help them develop a sense of spiritual guidance. They are often eager to try something new and are willing to sacrifice their old ways to forge a new one. With the stone, they can also work toward their goals more accurately and patiently.

While being under the sign of Aquarius is known to be very demanding, those under the sign of Pisces are more likely to put their emotional well-being first. With the help of the stone, they can also develop a deeper understanding of themselves. It can help them identify their root causes and find a way to relieve their stress.

People born under other zodiac signs, such as February’s sign of Aries, can also benefit from the stone. It can help them healthily channel their ambitions.


In addition to being helpful in meditation, crystals and geodes can also be used to enhance the connection between the crown and the other energy centers. The crown chakra is the seventh energy center, regarded as the culmination of the other energy centers.

The crown chakra is a vital part of our being and can help us connect with the divine and our physical body. Using an amethyst can strengthen this connection and help us find inspiration and enlightenment during meditation.

Feng Shui 

People who practice Feng Shui commonly use crystals and gemstones to achieve a balanced energy flow in their homes. Due to its versatile properties, it can be used in various ways. For instance, people can use it in multiple sectors of the Feng Bagua map. This method divides a room or home into nine sections, each with its own purpose and energy.

In the relationship and love sector of the Bagua map, amethyst can help people feel valued and supported. It can also be used outside of the Bagua map. For instance, placing an amethyst near the front door can help create a more balanced energy flow in the home.

Does The Size of The Amethyst Cathedral Matter? 

One of the most important factors people consider when choosing a large amethyst cathedral is its healing properties. However, the cost of this item can be very prohibitive for most people. A wide variety of sizes and shapes of amethyst cathedral geodes are available. Their value can be determined by various factors, such as their overall size, depth of color, and crystal points.

Although large amethyst cathedrals can provide a wide range of healing properties, smaller amethyst cathedrals can provide the same results. For instance, while a large amethyst cathedral can provide energy to a whole house, a small one can only do so in a certain area.


3 Robust Doubts to make sure that You’ve got the proper CPA

The majority people are generally with the CPAs for quite a while and get produced increased amount of rely on with each other. Rely on is usually fundamental credit you’ll want with all your CPA as they simply have the effect of that recognizing together with intending off ones finance must have. A lot of people take into consideration some of our finance circumstances being a really personalized together with confidential issue and therefore, people understand they can count a great deal relating to the rely on in the client-advisor connection with CPAs. Nevertheless rely on can be an fundamental together with vital credit inside your client-advisor connection, in many cases, rely on by itself is not really more than enough to work with you with gaining ones finance plans. Since smart people, should from time to time require a measure again together with re-evaluate some of our associations with experts so that they’re just nevertheless giving you the amount of product we’d like. Additionally, people must ensure i am nevertheless the proper version of clientele for your kids. Allow me to share 3 Robust doubts to help inquire ones CPA to make sure that ones connection holds mutually positive also, you are nevertheless experiencing the proper amount of help for a dealing plans:

1) Who ? re ones prime 3 shoppers today together with precisely what people linked to?

This allows people a perception with precisely what market sectors they’re just providing. Really a minumum of one or higher health of their prime a few shoppers get excited about the true residence sector. It’s fundamental since truth be told there a whole lot of overtax together with finance plans certain to help the property market people. You ought to make sure that ones CPA has experience together with accustomed to some of those terrific loopholes together with top-notch overtax drop plans that you really are able to profit by for a the property market trader. Don’t forget: You can’t hopeful the one who “teaches” ways of ones CPA; alternatively, you would like ones counsellor to help already have got the feeling together with abilities to help product people inside your rising expense must have.

2) Precisely what a few plans you’ve got implemented just lately to aid ones shoppers save you a?substantial amount?of duty?

It’s the place you must you should listen properly with regard to solutions to find if your primary counsellor can be a pro-active and re-active teacher. Once they option using: “I instructed these phones deduct their own big event bills for a company expense”, that needs to be some sort of green banner for your needs. The important thing key phrases people need may not be precisely what “I did” and “I instructed these phones do”. A lot of these arguments exhibit that counsellor is usually producing very subjective options on the taxation statements influenced by precisely what “he/she thinks” can be carried out. Alternatively, if your primary advisor’s option is usually “we just lately re-structured some of our shoppers corporation to conserve duty… inch that is the superior warning sign you will be working together with some sort of pro-active counsellor. The important thing key phrases that will share some sort of pro-active process are generally “structure”, “re-structure”, “planned”, “documented to help support”… the user gets the concept.

3) Which are the developments you will be experiencing with “my” sector together with precisely what people since ways of cash in on and safe-proof with a lot of these developments?

This allows people a perception with precisely how well-known they’re just using what’s happening inside your sector together with precisely how skilled they’re just using most of the probable factors you will be experiencing. Additionally, the following issue provides ways to utilize these together with their own users’ activities. The following activity but not just we should people ascertain when ones CPA knows ones sector, but it surely can also get some terrific options that you employ! Don’t forget: It usually is good to use thour clients together with utilize their own know-how together with abilities that could be useful to help gaining your enterprise and expense options.

Not surprisingly, unless you now have some sort of CPA together with in need of a great counsellor, these 3 doubts are generally terrific doubts to help inquire with choosing if they is a superior fit in for your needs. Vital Take note: a superb counsellor might explain as soon as an issue is not really their own specialized and frequently possess a reference. A great counsellor and avoid is usually an individual who would like to help you with almost everything, if they truly figure out what they’re just dealing with and not necessarily.

For an increased incentive, allow me to share 5 ways to Pay close attention to with choosing ones approval with all your up-to-date counsellor:

Do you rely on these phones offer precisely what people assured?
Complete people really treasure assisting you and unfortunately your investment strategies be a success?
Complete people know should never condition : together with your factors together with plans?
Precisely how get people improved want you to triumph over ones troubles in earlier times?
Might people end up into action in assisting you intend in the direction of completing ones plans?

Afre the wedding in the morning, the two vital factors are generally Rely on together with Encounter. These doubts to help inquire ones counsellor together with one self ought to help you in producing that will perseverance. It’s possible you’ll see you will be experiencing terrific product out of your up-to-date counsellor. And it might just take to help lightweight it’s far time for you to update ones counsellor company. Take more time today to disclose this procedure to make sure that you’ve got skilled together with skilled experts on the expense company!