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What requirement the uniform for cleaning staff must meet

We know that the work of cleaning companies is not limited to cleaning apartments and offices. Employees of providing disaster cleaning services, water damage cleaning services or trauma scene cleanup services often perform much more complex tasks: they clean up after a fire or flooding, remove the consequences of crimes or suicides, deal with biohazard waste disposal. Obviously, the staff who perform such complicated work requires a comfortable and reliable uniform.

Uniforms for cleaning must have the characteristics which fully meet the requirements and specifics of the work. There are two basic criteria which special uniform must meet – comfort and safety. It is clear that uncomfortable clothes will make the cleaning procedure impossible and since some cleaning services, for instance trauma scene cleanup, involves dealing with harmful substances, the uniform must provide the highest level of safety to the worker. Protective moisture-resistant aprons, sleeves, overalls, semi-overalls, jackets and other items of uniform are made from wear-resistant anti-allergic material, usually nylon coated with polyurethane.

The nylon underside of overalls and jackets is comfortable and safe for the skin, so it is not necessary to wear pants and long-sleeved shirts under the cleaning uniform. Due to the polyurethane coating, all models have the following properties:

moisture resistance and moisture impermeability;

air tightness;

high tensile strength;

wear resistance;

resistance to chemicals (including aggressive alkaline solutions used to remove particularly difficult contaminants during crime scene or trauma scene cleanup).

Overalls for cleaning must reliably protect the skin from both direct contact with aggressive cleaning compounds and hazardous fumes. What’s more, the uniform is usually worn both indoors and outdoors, therefore it must have the corresponding characteristics. Another important requirement to the cleaning uniform is that it should be easily taken care of.

Functionality and comfort

All models of jackets, aprons and sleeves and overalls for cleaning must have reliable moisture-resistant fasteners and convenient inside pockets. These details are important because during cleaning, a worker can put tools they need in the pockets, which is very comfortable. As for the fasteners, there shouldn’t be any problems with zipping up and unzipping the uniform.

Nowadays it’s possible to find myriads of various models. For instance, there are models of jumpsuits with lace-up sleeves and with straight sleeves. The former ones are ideal for outdoor work or for performing cleaning with aggressive chemicals like trauma scene cleanup, while the latter ones are suitable for indoor or outdoor cleaning work during the warm season.

When making overalls for cleaning, the companies take into account that they are often worn on top, on everyday clothes. All uniforms must be loose and mustn’t hinder movements because the cleaning job involves a lot of physical effort like moving and removing the furniture, carrying garbage and even climbing the walls. It’s necessary to wear comfortable clothes to do the cleaning efficiently.

Winter protective clothing is designed for work in unheated rooms and outdoors, so this uniform must meet special requirements. Winter models must:

have thermal insulation;

be water resistant;

be wear resistant;

Summer uniform should be light, breathable and perform protective functions. The use of modern materials allows not to sacrifice comfort for the sake of functionality. When choosing the right uniform for your workers, make sure it comes all sizes ranging from XS to 5XL.

Cleaning staff providing death scene cleanup or trauma scene cleanup along with special clothing use personal protective equipment for hands (mittens, gloves), special headwear and masks which protect eyes and face, as well as hearing organs. These and other personal protective equipment is available in different online store.

To sum up, high-quality uniform for cleaning must be reliable, ensure safety of a worker, be comfortable easy to take care of and look professionally.