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Dealing With a Fly Infestation After A Decomposed Body Cleanup

Cleaning up a trauma scene is a job that’s difficult on many levels and the notch of these difficulties only increases if the scene to be cleaned up has just recently housed a decomposed body. No matter how difficult though, decomposed body cleanup is a job that needs to be done if people in the vicinity are to continue living in safety and comfort.

On rare occasions, however, another problem usually arises after the difficult decomposed body cleanup job has been done – a fly infestation. Why and how does this occur?

Why Could There Be A Fly Infestation?

Decomposition of the human body is a 5-stage process that requires the involvement of several organisms for successful completion. Among these organisms are flies which come onto the scene around the second and third stages of decomposition – the bloating and active decay stages.

During the second and third stages, organisms like flies, rodents, and maggots are attracted to the decaying body because of the repugnant odor it produces and the availability of materials for them to feed on. The flies do not just feed though, they also lay eggs on the corpse which would eventually hatch if they are not eliminated.

How Does It Occur?

The issue of a fly infestation after a decomposed body cleanup could come up if the cleanup wasn’t very thorough. This means that it’s possible the cleanup didn’t get rid of all the laid eggs because some of the eggs that have hatched into larvae or maggots have moved into small crevices within the household to wait out the remaining two weeks left to become full-fledged flies. These ones could then repopulate the house and become a new problem for homeowners.

What Can You Do?

The presence of houseflies in your home isn’t just a problem because of their irritable nature. They also pose health risks as they are known to be carriers of several infectious viruses and bacteria that they transfer to humans via their bites. It is thus important that you eliminate them in earnest.

While there are many home remedies that you can use to solve your housefly problem, it is advisable to go the insecticide way if the infestation is severe. Just make sure to spray all the nooks and crannies also.

Serious measures like sprays, foggers, or bug bombs should only be used if the infestation is really severe or the eggs are hidden in really deep crevices. Also, when using sprays or foggers indoors, ensure you use ones that are non-toxic to humans.

Professional Cleanup Services

The issue of fly infestations weeks after a decomposed body cleanup has been done is another reason why you should only employ experts to handle crucial cleanup jobs like that. There is rarely any problem in the aftermath of cleanups carried out by professionals because they would have used all the right techniques, tools, products, and equipment in the cleanup process. So, to save yourself extra stress, expenses, and time loss, you best do it right the first time – call the professionals.