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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hosting a Yard Sale and How to Fix Them

Hosting a garage sale allows you to dispose of the clothes you no longer need. Your closet becomes more spacious. You can also immediately find the ones you need to wear for the day. Before getting too excited, you should remember that not all yard sales are successful. Despite your effort, you might still fail to sell the items you want. It could happen due to these common mistakes that you should avoid.

Not advertising enough

The key to a yard sale success is an advertisement. Let everyone know that you’re hosting one. Provide the necessary details, including the location and time. It’s easier for people to know about it. Tag your neighbours and relatives who live nearby. There’s a good chance more people will know of the upcoming yard sale based on these ads.

Use your social media for advertising since it can reach more people. Take a photo of some items you intend to sell and give people an idea about the price range.

Not organising the things for sale

You should organise and label the items for sale to make it easier to shop. You don’t wish to give people a hard time locating the best buys. You can even have a section specifically for items that are worth the price. Potential buyers will appreciate how you make things easier for them.


Sure, you want to make money out of these items, but you shouldn’t overprice. Remember that these things are no longer important to you. If no one buys them, you will probably throw them away. As such, you have to be more reasonable with pricing. You can even offer some of them for free to those who already purchased a lot.

Choosing the wrong location 

Although it’s a garage sale, it doesn’t have to be in your garage. You can use your front lawn or other areas in your house that is spacious enough. You don’t want people to pack in a small area. They will find it hard to shop, and they might not want to buy anymore. If your house is too small, you can look for a different area. Ask your friends or rent a commercial space for a day. As long as it’s affordable enough, you can take it.

Acting like you mean business

Again, doing the yard sale isn’t primarily for business. You do it to dispose of the things you no longer need. The goal is to remove as many things as possible. Don’t be too strict with the customers. Be friendly and don’t act like you’re running a huge business. It will only last for a day. Once it’s over, these people will be back as your friends and neighbours. Don’t destroy your friendship over the yard sale.

If you still have many clothes left despite your effort to dispose of them, you can have a built in bedroom constructed. It’s easier to organise your clothes when you have one. You can also use the amount obtained from the sale for building it.


Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/sN4u56baSB0