Why unattended death cleanup is different from the cleaning

Not every company that can carry out regular cleaning can carry out unattended death cleanup professionally. There are several differences that distinguish companies which are able to provide unattended death cleanup from those which provide regular cleaning.

First of all, the specialists dealing with blood spill cleanup or putrid odor removal must necessarily possess the profound knowledge of the new achievements in the sphere of cleaning technologies. For the cleaning staff, providing this peculiar type of service means continuous learning because it’s necessary to be aware of the innovations in processing various surfaces or methods of disinfection. Nowadays, there are a lot of expensive materials like wood, marble, glass, fabric, etc. that are found in offices and apartments and it’s necessary to clean them properly during unattended death cleanup without spoiling. There are also many types of pollution. Therefore, research work, an engineering approach and a scientific understanding of the process in the field of the correct application of cleaning products and technologies is mandatory for a cleaning company. This valuable knowledge and necessary skills which the cleaning staff possess, will certainly contribute to the effective unattended death cleanup. Naturally, this thorough approach to the process of cleaning is not necessary fo the regular cleaning companies because they don’t deal with “extreme” pollution.

Secondly, these two types of cleaning companies, the one which takes care of the regular cleaning and the one which deals with unattended death cleanup, are totally different in terms of management. On the one hand, both companies must provide such a management and control system in which all actions are aimed at achieving the planned result, communication with the customer and quality control of the work performed. On the other hand, unattended death cleanup requires more managerial control.

In other words, the manager of the cleaning company providing unattended death cleanup must prepare all necessary documents, conduct a preliminary assessment and make recommendations on the cleaning program before the cleaning procedure itself. The manager of such a company must make sure that the cleaning is carried out strictly in accordance with the safety rules because this type of cleaning involves risks to the human health. The Human Resources Manager of this company must regularly organize staff training and professional development.

Thirdly, the cleaning company which takes care of unattended death cleanup uses only professional detergents and cleaning products from leading manufacturers in the world. These products are not available for retail sale. Whereas the company which provides regular cleaning can use household cleaning products which can be bought in every supermarket.

Finally, the use of only specialized equipment is a distinctive feature of the companies dealing with the complicated cases of pollution. A well-chosen fleet of professional cleaning equipment is an important sign of a respectable cleaning company.

All in all, running a company which offers unattended death cleanup is way more difficult than providing regular cleaning services, however, it’s worth it because the profit margin is higher.