Water Damage Cleanup Service Checklist

Is your home flooded? After the water recedes, most people just want to dry out the area and get back to their daily lives. Cleaning up and getting back into your property as quickly as possible after a flooding incident requires the expertise of water damage cleanup service Parker Colorado. These experts will locate and fix all visible problems. They will also check hard-to-reach areas for damages.

Note that woods submerged in water for an extended period weakens over time and cause all kinds of problems in the home. Rebuilding immediately after a flood without doing a background check can cause many different issues including insect infestations, and mold growth. Also, flooding can negatively impact the structural integrity of your property. Hence, you must reach out to expert builders to inspect your home for signs of water damage.

Floodwaters are dangerous and destroy everything and anything that crosses their path. If you are caught up in an unfortunate flooding incident, make sure you remove the most porous building materials and replace them with new materials.

Precautions to Take

If you are considering cleaning up yourself after a flooding incident, take the following precautionary measures. These include

  • Inspect for structural and electrical damage. Take a walk around the property to inspect for flaws to determine if it is safe to enter.
  • Your priority should be your safety. Electrical safety should be given top priority when entering a flooded home.
  • Do not attempt to mix chlorine bleach with vinegar during cleaning.
  • Check for signs of mold. If you see signs of mold, do not enter the property without wearing a respirator. More specifically, wear a respirator that can filter spores.
  • Be vigilant. Dangerous animals including snakes can hide in inconspicuous places
  • Wear sturdy shoes, eye protection, and rubber gloves

What to Do?

Keep everyone out of danger. No one should be allowed into the home until it has been remediated and certified OK by water damage cleanup specialists.

If you are faced with this kind of situation, the first thing to do is to file flood insurance claims. If you are one of the lucky few who have flood insurance, contact your insurance adjuster immediately.

Before the Insurance Adjuster Arrives:

  • Start cleaning the flooded area. Keep salvageable items in a safe room. No need to wait for your insurance adjuster before cleaning the area. But be sure to take pictorial evidence of the damage prior to the cleanup process.
  • Clean the house so the adjuster can see the extent of the damage once they arrive.
  • Do not dispose of damaged items. Keep them for proof of loss.
  • If you are indisposed when the adjuster arrives, leave a phone number where you can be reached for an update on the latest development
  • After inspection, the adjuster will list the damages. Once done, the property owner should sign a proof of loss statement.

If you live in a flood-prone area, then you should insure your property against flood. If you think your homeowner’s insurance covers you, then think again. Unfortunately, homeowner’s insurance does not cover you against flooding. Read the fine prints of your insurance policy to see if you are covered for flooding damage.