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Dead By Daylight Gets Iconic Killer Michael Myers In Time For Halloween

Starbreeze today announced that both they and developer Behaviour have collaborated with Compass International Pictures to bring the Halloween Chapter and iconic 80’s slasher character Michael Myers to asymmetrical survival horror game Dead by Daylight in time for the spooky holiday.

We’re absolutely psyched to introduce ‘John Carpenter’s Halloween’ characters in Dead by Daylight” said Mikael Nermark, Starbreeze COO and head of the Publishing division.

It’s been a blast seeing the characters come to life with Behaviour’s talented team making the utmost of the rich lore available

The Halloween Chapter is set to release on October 25th and will be available to purchase for $6.99 on Steam.

The Halloween Pack Includes: 

  • The iconic killer Michael Myers modelled after the original from John Carpenter’s Halloween.
  • New Survivor “Laurie Strode”
  • “Haddonfield” A new map that is a replica of the fictional town in Illinois, USA

For more information on the Halloween Chapter please visit

The Halloween Chapter goes live on October 25th.

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