Issues That Prompt Homeless Camp Cleanup 

Homelessness is a large and complex issue. Hundreds of thousands of people live on the streets due to several reasons. In the same vein, several thousand are on the verge of becoming homeless. Many people can’t afford to rent accommodation due to the high rents, hence the increased number of homeless people on the streets. Ill-managed mental health system, drug abuse, and job loss, are other leading factors for this rise. Homeless people tend to set up encampments that serve as shelters in strategic spots across the city. Many communities are seeking solutions on how to get rid of these problems by creating more affordable homes and temporary living spaces. There are many strategies to address these issues but none will succeed alone. Homeless camp cleanup experts clean and sanitize the evacuated illegal sites to prevent cross-contamination.

When Do You Need Homeless Camp Cleanup

Residents at homeless camps put their lives at risk. These sites lack basic amenities. No access to water, poor waste management, inadequate sanitation service, and many more puts the residents at risk of getting infected. It is not hard to see why many of these residents fall sick due to poor hygienic conditions.

However, there are a few legal camps within these communities. Leaving these camps unmanaged encourages the spread of disease which in most cases can lead to an endemic. Even though legal encampments are equipped with regularly serviced dumpsters and porta-potties onsite, odds are high that the camp will experience a proliferation of animal and human waste, trash, and other biological matters resulting in camp closure.

It is barbaric and inhumane to allow people to live on these sites. Moreover, it is impossible to restore these sites without evacuating the people who live there. Depending on the type of property, this service is the responsibility of the property owner. For public spaces, the city takes responsibility. Private property owners oversee the cleaning and sanitization of encampments on their property. The good news is that there are experts who specialize in homeless camp cleanup. The city reaches out to them when they need to close and decontaminate an unmanaged encampment arises. So, you should follow suit. It is not a service that should be carried out by untrained personnel due to the high risks of exposure to potential hazards. While people living in homeless camps are mostly law-abiding citizens, it attracts negative neighbors who engage in criminal activity. You should act fast.

Once you discover an encampment within your community, be sure to notify the city or property owner. The city, for instance, will send out field coordinators to visit and assess the reported sites. If they find evidence of an encampment, the staff will take note of the health conditions and features of the site. Once documentation is complete, the next big step is to contact a professional homeless camp cleanup company to remediate the site using unique cleaning tools and resources. These experts will get rid of excessive garbage, rodents, human waste, and other biohazardous materials found onsite.