How to remove mold in the bathroom: the most effective ways

It’s a no-brainer that such fungus as mold on the ceiling and walls is hazardous for your health. In this article you will find out how to get rid of it. Dampness in the bathroom is something that cannot be avoided. Under these favourable conditions, fungus appears on the surfaces. Even good ventilation can not cope with this problem, especially if the family is large and the members of the family often take a shower or bath. It’s easy to deal with this problem with the help of mold remediation services richmond Virginia, however, you can try to take after mold on your own.

Reasons for the appearance

It’s a well-known fact that mycelium spores are present in every room but for successful reproduction, they need heat and moisture. The heating system and constant humidity over 90% provoke the development of microorganisms. Mold quickly grows from tiny black or greenish spots to big black ones covering the surface of the walls and ceiling. Among other reasons for the appearance of mold the following can be mentioned:

poor ventilation – stagnant warm air is good for bacteria to grow;

Poor waterproofing of the floor, walls and ceiling – coatings that have not been properly treated become damp, giving black mold a breeding ground.

The fungus multiplies not only on the surface of the walls, but also on furniture, the back wall of the washing machine, the bottom of the shower tray. Leaks from pipes can also provoke its appearance. Water, gradually dripping, constantly moistens the floor, creating a favorable environment. Services like mold remediation services richmond Virginia successfully deal with difficult cases and can help you get rid of mold before you know it.

What is the danger of black mold in the bathroom

There are many varieties of fungus. In the conditions of urban apartments, black mold is the most worrying. Its spores appear on concrete, brick wall, plastic, glass or paint. In addition to the unpleasant appearance, mold has destructive effect on the surface. Black blots corrode not only natural materials, but also those created artificially, damaging the finish beyond recovery.

In addition to aesthetic troubles, the fungus provokes respiratory diseases, allergic reactions, dermatitis. Its spores, which are in the air, penetrate the body causing general intoxication. That’s why it’s worth resorting to the mold remediation services richmond Virginia as soon as possible if you don’t want to put your health at risk.

How to solve the problem

Mold is a living organism, so simply wiping it off with a wet cloth will not work. Depending on the amount of mold, mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning or removal of the entire top layer of coating may be necessary.

When starting cleaning, specialists providing mold remediation services richmond Virginia moisten the moldy areas with water so that the spores do not get into the air and do not get on other coatings. Then they clean the affected area with a steel brush or metal scraper. The mycelium penetrates deep into the surface structure, so the mold must be removed to a healthy layer and then cleaned with an antiseptic. The infected wallpaper or tiles are also subject to treatment. In this case, the special solution is applied not only to the visible areas of infection, but also around them in order to capture the possible spread of the mold. The problem areas should be treated two or three times, repeating the procedure after the solution has completely dried.

Another way mold remediation services richmond Virginia recover an infected room is to treat it with ultraviolet. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays spores die. However, certain safety precautions must be observed.

All in all, if you want to have a good looking and clean bathroom and be healthy, you should get rid of mold as soon as possible.