How To Pick A Great Dentist

There are lots of dentist clinics out there, and even more dentists working in them! Not every dentist is created equal, so let’s talk about how you know you have a great dentist.

How To Pick A Great Dentist

They Care About Your Comfort

Dentists should always put their patients comfort levels first, the best Edmonton dentist will always make sure you are comfortable throughout your procedure. If they are handling the dental appliances too roughly, it’s ok to tell them you’re uncomfortable, as long as they listen to you, they should act on that feedback. If they don’t, you need to find a better dentist.


Comfort levels don’t just refer to physical comfort, having good communication with your dentist will alleviate anxiety, nervousness, and will open a good line of communication. The easier it is to talk to your dentist, the better since you will be able to voice any concerns more efficiently.


They Ask Questions And Listen To You

Just like any relationship, communication is key. If your dentist is reluctant to ask you questions, or listen to you, then it’s a good sign you’ll want a new dentist. Even an emergency dentist will take the time to ask and listen.


They respect your resources and your time

A good dentist won’t badger you for more services that you don’t need. Not everyone can afford the amount of dental work that they might need.


They Respect Staff Members

A dentist’s staff is incredibly valuable to the dentist, the clinic would never be able to operate efficiently without staff. If your dentist treats staff poorly, or disrespects them, you will probably want to find a new dentist. If the dentist doesn’t care about the staff, they probably don’t care about the patient.

They Have Great Google Reviews

A modern dentist will struggle greatly with acquiring patients if they have a poor online presence. If you’re ever curious about the dentist check their review platforms like Yelp or Google. If they have a 3.5-4+ star rating, chances are they are ok. If they have 3 or less, or they have 0 reviews, it might be considered a gamble.


They Have A High Performing Website

You don’t need to be a digital marketing expert to know that your position in the Google results makes a big difference. If you search “(your city location)+dentist”, and the dentist shows up in the first page, chances are they are a qualified dentist who has a great web presence. For example if you search “Edmonton Dentist” Smiles Dental Group shows up on the first page! For them this is an incredible position to be in since it is such a competitive keyword.


A good dentist is not hard to find in Edmonton, but a bad dentist can ruin your life, overcharge you, or cause you further injury. Make sure you pick a great dentist like Dr. Alex Yeh who owns Smile Dental Group. If you’re ever unsure of your dentist, make sure you Google them to find out everything you need to know. A great dentist will be proud to publish their information online and showcase their past achievements.