Homeless Camps and Its Health Threats

Homeless camp cleanup Asheville NC is a top priority today. Many states across the US including North Carolina are struggling with the issue of homelessness. The high rate of homelessness in the state is a major concern for all. Many people who fall into the homeless category live in encampments scattered about in residential areas and public spaces in Asheville, North Carolina.

Homeless camps can be sited in many different locations including under freeway overpasses and city parks. Though there are sanctioned areas, most of the temporary homes are sited illegally. Once the site gets reported, the city will evaluate the area to determine the right remediation method to adopt. Kindly note, whether encampments are sited on private or public property, remediation should be the sole responsibility of homeless camp cleanup experts. These technicians will clear the garbage and perform a thorough clean-up job.

Biohazards Found in Homeless Camps

Homeless camps cleanup isn’t an easy task. Technicians who undertake the cleanup are prepared for the tasks that lie ahead. Encampments are mostly riddled with trash, human waste, sharps, rotting food, and lots more. Handling these items without protective equipment can be dangerous to your health. These sites pose a substantial risk of exposure to biological matters that contain harmful blood pathogens. In addition to contracting these diseases, there is also a high possibility of cross-contamination. To prevent this, a professional cleanup technician should handle the job. Common biohazards associated with homeless camps include

  • Blood-borne pathogens – HIV, Hepatitis and MRSA
  • Bodily waste and matter including urine, feces, and vomit
  • Human waste
  • Animal waste
  • garbage
  • Rodent infestation
  • Drug paraphernalia namely syringes and needles

Encampments pose a high risk to the health of the unsheltered, housed residents and the general public. That’s why the city has no other option than to shut them down. However, there are a few encampments that take pride in cleanliness and proper waste management. In this kind of situation, it is hard to find criminals or people who exhibit violent behaviors in such camps. Also, they pose little or no health risk to the general public. This is a typical example of a properly managed homeless camp sited legally.

In the case of an unmanaged camp, it will be pulled down. Once the city gets notified of the illegal homeless camps, they swing into action immediately. their team of specialists visits and evaluates the site. The site will be posted and the unsheltered given a 72 hours notice to evacuate the premises. Once the time is up, experts in homeless camp cleanup Asheville NC storm the site with their advanced cleaning tools and equipment.

The technicians have garnered many years of experience in the field and are quite knowledgeable on how to handle the biological matters found at the site. With these professional technicians handling the cleaning project, rest assured that the project will be completed right on time.