Giving Your Dog a Bath Without Clogging the Drain

Dogs are a man’s best friend. They’re these high energy maniacs that are just very happy to be around their families no matter what’s going on. But with all of that high energy comes one inevitable thing, a dog that ends up getting dirty, even if you’re just bathed it!

That’s just a thing everyone needs to accept. With dogs, comes a lot of mess, and bathing your dogs is just something you need to constantly do! This is why a lot of people end up getting cats because you don’t really need to bathe them that often, but dogs have to be bathed, or you’ll just end up with a stinky dog, and a stinky house.

Delaying your dog’s bath is not a good idea, but bathing them means your bathing area, especially your drains are going to take a massive hit. No one likes having to clean out clogged drains, but you can’t exactly leave your dog dirty and need a bath either.

The good thing is, you don’t have to choose between keeping your dog clean or having a clean drain. In this post, we’re going to be talking about the best ways you can give your dog a bath without clogging your drain!

Brush for days

A lot of people forget that just like us, dogs need to brush their luscious hair too. Dogs lose several strands of hair throughout the day, and if they’re left to float around untouched, you’re going to have a house and a drain that’s just full of dog hair all the time. To avoid that, just brush your dog on a regular basis, especially right before bath time. That way, you’ll have most of the loose strands taken care of before you take them into the bath!

Get a drain cover

Drain covers are very easily available online and in most stores. These just plop right over your drain and will catch all of the debris that makes it through to it! With these, you can just bathe your dog, as you normally would, and once you’re done, remove the drain cover. With it, you’ll just remove all of the hair with it. Dump the hair in a bin and you’ll have a nice and clean drain right under it!

Use a Wipe

If you don’t have a drain cover, you could even get a makeshift one by using baby wipes! Take a baby wipe and place it in the bath drain. After it’s been placed, insert the plug. Bathe your dog as you normally would. Once you’re done, reach over to where the wipe is, and hold it taught on both sides. This will be a little tricky, but it’s still better than having a super clogged up drain. Then, take the plug out and let the water drain through the wipe. This way, the wipe ends up being the filter you need to catch all of the floating dog hair that may want to get all up in your drain! Once the water drains entirely, take the wipeout and discard it. A little bit of extra effort, but totally worth it in the end!

Get started on the right paw!

You can’t really protect something that’s already been destroyed. A lot of dog hair in your drain can end up clogging it in the long run, and that’s not something you should wait for to happen.

Instead of waiting for the inevitable, call Drain Cleaning Brooklyn or a recommended drain cleaning service in your area to clean your drains for you. That way, you can take all the extra measures while bathing your dog to protect the drain going forward, and ensure that your plumbing stays safe, and your dog stays clean!