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What’s Everyone Been Playing? – August 2016

The summer gaming drought is almost over and as always we look at the steam stats during the last day of the month to get a feel about what everyone is playing at the moment, at least on PC.

As always, the top remains largely unchanged with Dota 2, CS: GO and Team Fortress 2 with Football Manager 2016 climbing to the 4th position, but the 5th is the most deserving of mention. Notorious Unity asset flip Unturned has been steadily climbing the ranks relentlessly in spite of its nature as a low-effort low-fi survival crafting experience. The developers seem undeterred by criticism and have been adding content to the game slowly pushing it to a whopping nearly 50 000 players a day. The low price-tag of 0 must have helped too.

We find the usual suspects Garry’s Mod, GTA V, Fallout 4, Civilization V and ARK on the following five positions and such titles as Warframe, Skyrim and Rust in the next bracket. Recent release Deus Ex: Mankind Divided makes an appearance at 19 with over 20 000 players and The Witcher 3 is still holding strong at number 23 on the list.

Evolve Stage 2 seems to be dropping in spite of regular new content but it’s still pretty strong at the 60th position with 5000 daily players. While higher on the list, the same can’t be said about the merely weeks-old No Man’s Sky which has seen a steep and staggeringly sharp decline in player base, falling to just 9000 players so soon after its release.

steam stats

Everything else seems above board on the PC Side. Console-wise, players have been slowly migrating back to Destiny on consoles in preparation for the upcoming Rise of Iron expansion and we can expect the scenery to shift with such fall releases as Titanfall 2 and Battlefield One. Overwatch is getting some new content as well and a new competitive season, but we still don’t have any player stats to comment on.

As for yours truly, I’ve been playing Overwatch and doing the aforementioned “getting back into destiny ahead of the expansion” but also played the excellent Slain and Valley. Currently, I’m playing around with Nuka World, the final DLC for Fallout 4 which you can expect a review of during the following few days and going through my backlog I’m on the last irritating and frustrating leg of Alien: Isolation.

Anyway, what are your thoughts about these numbers? What have you been playing this month? Tell us in the comments and we’ll see you next month.

Paul is mainly a PC Gamer with an affinity for interesting or unique gameplay styles or mechanics. He prefers a good story and engaging gameplay over polygons, and frame rates. He's also going to make a game one day, just you watch. Just as soon as he gets some time. Any day now.


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