Essential Tips to Avoid Contracting a Viral Disease

The coronavirus pandemic already affected almost all countries around the world. There are thousands of recorded cases each day and hundreds of deaths. In some countries like Italy, each day sets a record for the number of deaths within the last 24 hours.

Some people say that this virus only has mild symptoms. It’s not too dangerous. It might be true that it’s not too severe, and young people don’t usually die, you can’t be complacent. You still have to do everything possible to stay away from the illness.

Follow the current social distancing policy

Almost a third of the world’s population right now is in some form of a lockdown. The rules are stricter in some places than the others. Whether or not there’s a strict implementation of this rule, you have to be obedient. In a time when a virus could get transmitted through water droplets or even through the air, you can’t take the risk. You have to avoid going out, especially in crowded places. You can ask for online delivery of all your grocery needs or even for food. You might want to head to the supermarket yourself, but you have to do it only once a week. If you’re going to go for a walk, you have to do it only within the neighbourhood. As long as you’re not in contact with other people, it’s easier for you to avoid contracting the virus


Keep your hands clean

You hear this tip all the time, and it seems too much. Before you complain, you need to understand that a lot of people contracted the virus because of their hands. After touching a surface with the virus or someone else who the disease, you can also have one. Once you touch your eyes, nose, and mouth, the virus will enter your body. Regularly washing your hands helps kill the virus. You have to use it whenever you leave or arrive home. You also have to do it before you eat. You can buy a hand sanitizer if the soap isn’t always around.

Always be hygienic

You need to stay clean all the time. Make sure that you clean your house and use disinfectants. You also have to bathe even if you’re just at home regularly. When you receive packages, you have to disinfect them first or keep them outside for a while. Reheat every dish before eating it. A virus can’t thrive in high temperature, so hot meals are safe.

Call a local hospital if you have symptoms

Even if you already employed all possible precautions, you might still end up with the virus. You have to call a local hospital first to inform the staff about your symptoms. It’s possible that you don’t have anything serious. You have to stay home until you recover. You can also call them if you want a test. You don’t want to overwhelm the hospitals, so you need an appointment before going there.

Another option is to speak with a doctor online. You can consult with these doctors so you won’t run the risk of being at a busy ER. You might not have the virus, but you can have other issues like fungal nail infection. Your online doctor will prescribe the best fungal nail tablets so that you will get healed soon.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/6aomTW8ojbo