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E3 2016

The Last Guardian Gets Official Release Date On PS4, New Footage

October 25th, 2016. That is the official release date for the Last Guardian, a game that many gamers believed would never see the light of day.

Not much is shown in the trailer, which was showcased at Sony’s E3 Media Briefing other than action footage and a ton of footage of the beast and child that players will be controlling throughout the adventure.

The Last Guardian is from the same studio that brought players such colossal hits like ICO and Shadow Of The Colossus. The game was originally announced more than nine years ago and many people had let go of the hope of ever seeing a release but after the announcement last year at E3 hopes were sky high again.

The Full E3 trailer can be seen below, Enjoy.

Chris King is a freelancer from Pennsylvania. With more than two decades spent in the digital realm, it's safe to say that he's most comfortable with a controller in his hands. He drinks too much coffee and spends too much time on Twitter. Send help.


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