Do You Know Why RBSE Solutions are Useful for Class 12 students? 

A stepping stone towards success, Class 12 is crucial for a student. A student who has aced the class 12 exams, will find it easier to crack the competitive exams and get into professional colleges for higher education. This is because anyone who scored well in the board exams will have mastered the main subjects of Class 12, according to the stream they are focussing on. Preparing for Class 12 board exams can be challenging for students of all branches, especially the Science Stream. One of the major useful resources for these Science stream students are the RBSE Solutions for Class 12 provided here.

Preparing For Exams With RBSE Solutions

Students preparing for the board exams can easily access the solutions either subject wise or chapter wise. These solutions explain the important concepts using easy to understand steps. Answers can be easily found for the questions taken from all the chapters of the RBSE Class 12 Textbooks, in these solutions. We have also tried to compile here some suggestions and tips on how to make the best use of these solutions in order to score high marks:


  • Master the textbook and learn the concepts thoroughly
  • Revise well before trying to answer the solutions
  • Try answering the questions without referring to the solutions
  • After completing the solutions once, refer back to confirm the answers
  • Use the solutions to rectify the mistakes
  • Keep solving the solutions for practice

Benefits of  the Solutions

Now, that the students have an idea on how to make the most of the solutions in order to score well in the exams, here, they can also have a look at the significance of the solutions:

  • Know how to solve the solutions most effectively
  • Learn time management by solving more questions
  • Get used to solving a wide range off questions of all kinds of difficulty level
  • Cover all the important highlights of the chapter
  • Get proper step by step explanations with correct answers for the questions’
  • Cover questions from the textbook so it will be easy to revise the subject
  • Practising the questions makes the student more confident to face exams
  • Students learn the effective way to approach a question


Apart from all these, students can also follow certain tips to ace the exams. Exams are important in order to gauge a students performance and their progress in Class for the academic year. One of the best ways to prepare for the exams is the result oriented studies. For this, a student has to revise the entire textbooks, practice solutions and solve a lot of question papers. They should also learn the best way to prepare for the exams, by focussing more on the subject or area that requires more work. Meanwhile, what most students do is they may not focus on subjects other than the main ones like Science or Maths. However, other subjects such as languages are equally important from the examination point of view. Students can prepare effectively for languages and make sure to avoid spelling mistakes so that they can score well. Finally, for Social Science also, a well-structured answer is the key to acing the subject. Thus, for effective studies, it is best to avoid rote and mechanical learning methods.