DIY Sewage Backup Cleanup: How You Can Savage the Problem at Home

A sewage backup incident can mean quite some trouble because it causes havoc to properties and poses health hazards that can be life-threatening. Hence, when there’s a sewage backup, it has to be attended to as soon as possible. When there’s a sewage backup in your home or office, your first call should be for a professional sewage backup cleanup services Atlanta Georgia.

However, if the spillage is not much, you may be able to salvage the situation and do a neat clean up before lives and properties are affected by the backup. Importantly, you should know that sewage backup cleanup is a serious issue that should be left to professionals.

What Should Be Your First Steps? 

Irrespective of whether or not you choose to use professional sewage backup cleanup services Atlanta Georgia, there are important steps you should take immediately you notice there’s an issue.

  • Make sure you get your kids out of the area as soon as possible. If you have pets at home, get them out too. If the sewage backup happens in your office, get your staff out of the office environment as soon as possible.
  • Turn off the electricity and water supply to your apartment. Do it as soon as you get your kids and pets safe. You should get yourself protected before you attempt to turn off the electric supply.
  • Ventilate the area. Open the doors and windows for ventilation
  • Remove unaffected properties to a safer location
  • If you’ve got a homeowner’s insurance policy, call your insurance company and inform them of the damage. Take pictures that highlight the areas that have been affected by the sewage spill and the properties that have been damaged.
  • Take a disinfectant and add an adequate amount to a half-filled bucket of water. Usually, bleach is the preferred solution to use.
  • You can now start the cleanup. Make sure that during all these processes you’re on your personal protective equipment. A sewage spill can pose serious health hazards and no matter the spill, you should be well protected. If you don’t have any protective measures, then please call for sewage backup cleanup services Atlanta Georgia.

How to Do a Sewage Cleanup 

After taking those important first steps highlighted above, you can now move to the cleanup proper.

  • Shut the doors around the area where the sewage spill is to contain its spread. Restrict access totally
  • Get a dry vacuum pump and use it to remove the sewage spill. You can use a mop to dry the area off if it is a very small spill. Otherwise, a dry vacuum pump is your best bet.
  • Put all the contaminated items, including furniture and appliances into a disposable bag and dispose appropriately.
  • Use a standard disinfectant to wash all the contaminated areas thoroughly. Make sure to use plenty of f water when washing.
  • Dry the areas adequately with a neat towel and dispose of the towel.