Difference between Commercial Cleaning Service and Crime Scene Cleanup

Many people believe that companies that deal in medical waste disposal and mold remediation will perform fantastically if they choose to get involved in crime scene cleaning services Mesa Arizona. Since these services have to do with site cleaning and remediation, it is easier for companies to alternate between these services. More so, they already have some of the equipment and are knowledgeable of the biohazards in these environments.

They also believe that many companies provide all these services – mold, fire, water, fire, hoarding, crime, and suicide – because the tools and resources are similar. These companies expand their service offerings to add to their revenue streams. But the big question is, how reliable are they?

Cleaning a commercial building has no comparison to unattended death cleanup. They are both different services. While commercial cleaning does not pose a serious health risk to humans, this cannot be said of crime scene cleaning services. Blood contains harmful pathogens that should be treated and handled with utmost care.

A commercial cleaning company providing this type of service might not be capable of handling a crime scene and choose to outsource it to a professional crime scene cleaning contractor. This is not an uncommon thing to do. But if you are looking for trusted crime scene cleaning services Mesa Arizona, you may want to consider going for companies that specialize in this kind of service. That way, you’d have peace of mind knowing that your task is being handled by professionals.

Service Charge

Apparently, crime scene cleaning services Mesa Arizona will cost more than commercial cleaning services. And since the pricing models are not the same, marketing strategies differ as well. Although commercial cleaning charge based on per square foot and size of the building, crime scene cleaning is all about the degree of contamination. How bad is the area contaminated? You’d get an estimate based on the size of the contaminated area and how long it will take to get the cleaning job done.

Not every contaminant can be seen after assessing the crime scene. After cleaning the obvious blood in the room, crime scene cleaners need to do an extra job by cleaning up bodily fluids and blood that seeped into porous surfaces like drywall or cracked tile.

This work is often covered by homeowner’s insurance. Your insurance company has an idea of how much it a typical crime scene cleaning service cost. However, you should understand that insurance companies are now identifying and working closely with key players in the crime scene industry in a bid to control prices. Any crime scene cleaning company that failed to meet their requirement will not be recommended to homeowners.

Many crime scene cleaning companies prefer to take shortcuts, thus causing liability issues in the future. This set of companies should be avoided. In addition to insurance companies giving referrals, first responders such as fire departments, police, and medical examiners are also great at giving referrals.