COVID-19 Impact On the Rising Cases of Homeless Camps

COVID-19 is one of the worst pandemics the world has ever faced. The pandemic has affected quite a lot of things including general well-being and source of income. More so, it has worsened the homeless community crisis. Many people who fall into the homeless categories have been hit badly. Given the increased rate of job losses, many people who couldn’t afford to pay rent had to find solace in homeless communities. This has increased the number of homeless camps in the country. Consequently, it has resulted in the demand for homeless camp cleanup contractors.

Homeless people are at greater risk of contracting the coronavirus due to their inability to maintain social distancing and also self-isolate. How do people maintain physical distancing in overly crowded spaces? It’s an impossible feat.

Check out reasons why the homeless population keeps increasing

High Rate of Evictions

Another reason for the increase in the number of homeless people is the high rate of evictions. While the government imposed eviction moratoriums in some states, it did not prevent them. At the end of the moratorium, how will tenants pay up the accumulated rents and utility fees? Add that to the late fees most landlords charge for late payments. No doubt, an eviction moratorium help keeps renters in their home for a specified period, the big question is, what happens when the moratorium elapses?

Unwillingness to Lend a Helping Hand

This is a time when loved ones would not entertain anyone who isn’t a close family member to prevent the risk of contracting coronavirus. It is hard to crowd in with friends as they also do not want to risk their health and finances as well. This has led to a high rise in the number of homeless people. Living in the outdoors with other homeless people puts your health at risk.

Inability to Pay Mortgages

Tenants are not the only ones feeling the impact of the COVID-19. Even landlords who rely on rental incomes to sort bills such as mortgages are at risk of losing their property. In many cases, people who stay in homeless camps end up there as a result of societal failures. But without the right infrastructures in place, there is no end in sight for homeless camps in the near future.

Notwithstanding, homeless camps not only deface the environment but also make it an unhealthy place to live and do business. Cleaning and sanitizing the area should be highly prioritized. These homeless camps are filled with unhealthy items and lots of harmful biohazards. It is not something that employees or a group of volunteers can do. You need the help of homeless camp cleanup contractors. These professionals will complete this job in a safe and efficient manner. With many years of experience cleaning and sanitizing biohazard scene, homeless camp cleanup contractors will perform wonderfully, leaving the space spotless, odorless, and free of germs and bacteria.

Homeless camp cleanup contractors work closely with private homeowners, businesses, counties, and cities to restore homeless camps that pose health risks to residents and the community at large. All waste products will be properly disposed of and as appropriate.