Concoctions to boost your immunity

Our immune system is a wonderous and complicated system that helps to protect us from different disease-causing pathogens. However, even a sophisticated system needs the right fuel and proper maintenance for functioning well and that is precisely what we forget to do.

Diet is intricately linked with the performance of immune system. It not only helps to give it boost by providing the cells with nutrition, but the lack of proper diet does a lot of harm to the system. Some foods cause the immune system to go into hyperdrive, thereby resulting in inflammation.

Naturally, an overworked and under fueled system is not going to give optimal performance. Hence, immunity gets compromised leading to different conditions that have you a frequent guest with an Internal medicine specialist in Islamabad.

Moreover, a lag in immunity can possibly lead to severe and life-threatening conditions as well. Coronavirus, listeria infection, pneumonia are conditions that haunt people with poor immunity and can possibly cause death as well.

Suffice to say, keeping your immune system strong is extremely vital.

How to boost immunity?

It is rather very easy to remain healthy, however, it may entail giving up your vices. Smoking and unhealthy diet have to go. Moreover, having a healthy body weight, regular exercise and proper sleep are just as important for better immunity.

Mental health is also important; stress wreaks havoc on the immune system and thus needs to be remedied.

However, with the global pandemic going on, it does not hurt to be extra cautious with the immune system. Natural concoctions can be made that have numerous benefits for the body as a whole and immune system in particular. What they target is essentially fulfilling the nutrient deficiency (if any).

Following are some such recipes that will have your immune system thanking you!

Turmeric Tea it is!

An Indian spice akin to gold, turmeric has amazing benefits for the health. It has been used in the South Asian culture as a home pain remedy and as an antiseptic balm as well. But that is not all; alongside preventing numerous health conditions like cholesterol, diabetes, inflammation, cancer, it also helps to boost immunity.

According to research conducted by Jagetia and Aggarwal, turmeric contains an important compound curcumin. This compound alongside being an anti-inflammatory agent, also helps to regulate the immune response. It is therefore useful in conditions like allergies, asthma etc. as well.

Turmeric tea is rather easy to brew as well. Boil around a liter of water. To it, add around a tablespoon of the spice and let it cook for around 10 minutes. Filter it into a cup and add honey, milk or lemon juice –up to personal preference– to enhance taste.

However, diabetic and people on blood thinners should take them under expert supervision only.

Ginger Tea

Another natural ingredient that does numerous favors to the body is ginger. Its anti-inflammatory properties help the body from the hyperactivity of the immune system that damages the system and the body, both.

Moreover, it is also a power antioxidant as well. Antioxidants protect against oxidative stress, which leads to dangerous conditions like cancer, heart disease etc. These conditions also compromise immunity and hence make people susceptible to the pathogen attacks.

Antioxidants also help in the regulation of the immune system. As, according to Harvard Health, taking too many antioxidant supplements is actually not good for the body, it is best to resort to dietary intake of these compounds as they are found abundantly in natural foods.

As ginger is one such excellent source of antioxidants, Ginger tea therefore is the perfectly safe immunity boosting drink. To make the tea, place around 6 slices of peeled raw ginger in two cups of water and bring to boil. Let it percolate for around 15-20 minutes. Add flavorings like lemon, honey etc. to taste and enjoy fortified body!

Citrus fruit Juice

Vitamin C found abundantly in citrus fruits, is a great antioxidant. It also supports immune system by enabling essential processes in the system. Moreover, it also helps skin in improving its performance as a vital physical barrier to the pathogens.

Due to its profound impact on the immune system, the deficiency of vitamin C then also leads to immunity being compromised and greater vulnerability to pathogen attacks.

An easy fix is by drinking fruit juice. Orange, grapefruit etc. can be easily consumed as a refreshing beverage. However, be sure not to overdo the juice; if you drink too much at one time, your body can have a sugar crash.

Word of caution

Drinking these concoctions alone will not make you invincible. For better immunity, it is important to make holistic lifestyle changes. Moreover, dietary methods aid in healing, but do not replace medication.

Hence, when you get sick, you are not very likely to recover simply by drinking these teas; you might still have to go to the doctor like the Internal medicine specialist in Islamabad.