Common summer car problems to avoid this season

Summer is the most universally loved season of them all. Everyone gets to take their hair down, and enjoy the outdoors! Most of these outdoorsy activities require cars! One of the few annoying things about the summertime is that cars tend to break down…


Even though summer breakdowns might seem like an unavoidable thing, there are things you can do to avoid them! For that, you need to know exactly what the problems are that cause the breakdowns, and what precautions you can take to make sure you don’t have to call Towing Newark, or a tow truck in your area!


  • Overheating
    All cars come with a built-in cooling system. Coolant fluid is used to keep the engine as cool as possible, but when the temperature gets very high, the coolant has to work a lot harder than usually required. This means it might also reach lower levels faster than usual. When there’s not enough fluid, the car can’t cool down fast enough, and you might find yourself with an overheating car that doesn’t want to move!Avoid this problem by always keeping an eye on your car’s fluids, especially the coolant during the summertime. If you notice your car heating up more than usual, top up the coolant! It should help deter any overheating incidents!

  • Broken Belt

    The way most cars are built, they’re mainly reliant on belts to do a lot of the work! The engine belt is one of the most important parts of your car, and the summer is not easy on it at all. A high enough temperature can end up in your engine belt getting so hot that it snaps, causing you to stop in the middle of the road!You can avoid this by changing your belt. How would you know when it’s time to change the belt? If you can’t remember the last time it was changed, it’s time to replace it!

  • Tire Burst

    Even though tires can burst any time of the year, they’re especially common in the summertime. This is because the range of temperature between the day, and the night is often very wide. In some countries, the temperature in the daytime is double compared to what it is at night. This means that the pressure in your tires is subject to fluctuations too. If your car’s tires don’t have the right pressure maintained all the time, it’s possible that they can deflate or inflate and end up bursting on the road.

Avoiding this problem is pretty simple. Make sure you know the recommended tire pressure your tire manufacturer recommends, and keep your tires adjusted to that pressure. Anytime you feel like they’re losing pressure, add more!


  • Dead/Weak Battery

    A lot of people think that car batteries only fail during the cold winter months, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your car’s battery is the heart of your car, and it can get weak in the summer too! The most common reason this happens is that the car simply has to work a lot harder during the summer months. It has to push harder to make sure the other parts of the car function properly, and in doing so, tends to break down itself!As soon as you notice the slightest delay in your car starting, know that your battery is getting weak. Replace it to avoid problems!

  • AC troubles

    Finally, the AC. It’s very common for the car AC to stop working when the day gets hot enough. This can happen if your AC is broken, or if your car fluids are low!

Avoid this problem by keeping up with the fluid top-ups, and have your car AC checked out by a mechanic once a month while the summer is at its peak to catch any potential problems early on!