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4 Practical Reasons to Consider Residential Mold Testing Port St Lucie FL Now

It’s not unusual for property owners to give mold much thought until something unusual happens. Even then, there may not be much of a sense of urgency when the events can easily be attributed to something other then mold in the home. To be safe, the most practical thing to do is arrange for residential mold testing Port St Lucie FL if any of the following applies in your case.

Your Older Home Has Never Been Tested

It won’t be much longer until you pay off the mortgage. That means you’ve lived in the house for years. At no point did you ever thing about having the place checked for mold. To the best of your knowledge, the previous owner never had this type of testing done either.

While mold can be found in homes of any vintage, there is an increased potential for mold to be found in homes that have been around for more years. With that in mind, it won’t hurt anything to have the home tested. Should any signs of mold be found, it will be easy enough to arrange for remediation and get rid of the problem.

Something Doesn’t Smell Right

Have you noticed that the house has developed an odor that was not present in the past? It’s hard to pinpoint where it’s coming from. What you do know is that no amount of cleaning or use of air fresheners seems to overcome it. That must scent seems to linger in spite of your best efforts.

The origin of that odor could be mold. It may be in the air ducts, underneath the floor, or around the ceiling joists. By having the home tested, you will find out if there is any mold and where it’s located. From there, you can arrange for it to be removed. After that, the house should smell a lot better.

You’ve Experienced Some Recent Health Issues

For some time now, you’ve not felt like yourself. Perhaps your energy level is a little low. Maybe you’re not sleeping as well as you did before. It could be that you’re having headaches or nasal congestion more often. All of these can be due to mold exposure.

Arrange for residential mold testing Port St Lucie FL and find out if there is mold in the home. If so, it won’t take long for a professional to isolate and get rid of the mold. Once it’s out of the way, you should begin feeling a lot better within a matter of days.

Mold Was Recently Found Next Door

There’s no rule that says old found next door automatically means that there will be mold in your home. Even so, the presence of mold so close by could mean there is some increased risk. The only way you will know for sure is to have the home checked.

In the best-case scenario, there will be no mold. That’s great. On the other hand, if a few small pockets of mold are found, be happy that it was caught so early. Given the damage that mold can do to your home and your health, remediation now is much better than remediation later.

If you have any suspicion that there may be mold in the home, now is the time to take action. Call a local remediation company and have the home tested. Once the results are in, you will know what needs to happen next.

Drywall Problems To Look Out For

If you are experiencing drywall issues and are looking for lasting solutions, leave it to the professionals. There is no such thing as handyman small jobs when it comes to drywall repair services. Despite being a popular construction material, drywall are designed to help enhance the aesthetic value of your décor, lighting and whatever you would like hanged on the walls. A properly and professionally installed drywall sheets provides a smoother surface, laying the base for your style and design to thrive.

Just like every other construction materials, drywall is susceptible to wear and tear. However, the damage might come sooner than expected when your contractor makes common construction mistakes like installing the sheets too close together. During drywall repair and installation, a 1/8 inch gap should be in between each sheets to prevent cracks when the normal expansion and contraction of wood joints occurs.

However, there are certain drywall problems that installers cannot control. These could be as a result of normal wear and tear or pest damage

The most common problems of drywall include

Pest Damage

A fine example is termites. Termites are destructive unwanted pests. You should not allow these destructive pests anywhere near your building as they can do more than damage wood. A termite infested drywall will leave holes on it. Other signs of termite damage include

  • Paint bubbles

  • Disintegrating baseboards

  • Hollow walls

Fixing pest damage on drywall is easy. However, before contacting a drywall repair contractor, contact a pest control specialist. Fixing your drywall without resolving the root cause is a wasted expense.

Once the termite or pests are completely removed, then you can forge ahead with the drywall repair.


Most drywall cracks can be overlooked. Drywall cracks, especially in a new house, stems from settling. Sometimes, it takes around 24 months for a new property to settle. Within this space of time, the home can shift slightly, causing damage to your drywall.

Older houses with drywall cracks could be a result of poor installation or exposure to moisture. Not leaving gaps in-between drywall sheets during installation can also lead to drywall crack.

Professional contractors can help with drywall repair. Depending on the cause, you might also need to call a plumber to fix water issues.

Furniture Damage

Your drywall is at risk of cosmetic damage when it comes in contact with furniture. Your furniture can scratch, knick and create holes in drywalls. The good thing about this is that the damage is mostly cosmetic and often surface. Fixing cosmetic drywall damage is easy. However, it is advisable to hire a professional contractor.

Drywall repair jobs often show signs of imperfections. An Ill-qualified drywall contractor might not deliver the result you want, leaving your drywall with rough edges. The roughness makes it easier to detect the affected area. This is not the case with a professional contractor. These professionals have the right tools and equipment to provide a perfectly blended drywall repair job. Regardless of the age of the building, drywall damage is repairable.

Why Take Before and After Interior Painting Photos

No doubt, you are a professional interior painting contractor and not a professional photographer. However, as a business owner, you know just how important it is adding a few other skills to your portfolio. Knowing a bit of everything relating to your business isn’t a bad thing to do. One of the most important areas is the photography aspect – learning how to take pictures of before and after interior painting projects just like a pro.

The professional painting industry is dynamic. One of the best ways to sell your services as a professional painter is through high quality photo

The Importance of Before and After Interior Painting

Painting job is visual. People will only appreciate amazing designs when they see it. Our brain is built to process visual information. What’s more, your before and after interior painting projects boost your business values and ultimately attracts new leads. The best part is that you don’t need to invest heavily in creating high quality visual content for your business. You can create this using your existing smartphone.

Your before and after images are the best ways to sell your business. No one would hesitate to do business with you after going through the amazing painting pictures.

Use this an example. A potential customer needs to make a choice between two painting companies, one with before and after interior painting images of their previously completed projects alongside a written offer and the other with just a written or verbal offer. Which is the client more likely to deal with? Of course, the one with the visual content. As the old saying goes, seeing is believing.

You’ve put in all the hard work to make your business stand. Be proud of what you do. Take pictures of your work and put it out there for the world to appreciate your work.

Number of Photos Required

There is not a set number of photos you should take, but the minimum number is probably higher than you think. Professional painting companies take thousands of photos annually. These pictures are great for promoting and marketing your business, both online and offline. So take as much pictures as you can. The more photos you capture the more picture choices you have when it comes to selecting the right one for future painter marketing campaigns.

Once you are out of the site, going back to take pictures might be a great ordeal. So it’s important to get it right before and after completing the painting project. Take several pictures of the project, from different angles and positions.

Storing Your Project Images

The size of the painting project determines the number of pictures you will walk away with. While these before and after interior painting projects are important, they won’t benefit you unless they are properly organized and stored. The best and safest way to store your pictures is on the cloud. Even if you misplace or damage your photography device, you have peace of mind knowing that your images and hard work are not destroyed as well.

A Quick Guide to Dome Homes: the New House Structures

A dome home is a structure with a rather unconventional shape. A dome home is eccentric because it deviates from the regular structural construction basics.

Dome home has walls, a floor, a roof, doors, and windows.  However, they are round or spherical. A dome home uses a shell framework during construction. Domes have been in the construction space for a long time. Spherical rooms are more spacious than regularly shaped houses. This is because a dome home encloses more volume within a small surface. Consequently, fewer building materials are used, thereby reducing construction costs.

A dome home is resistant to wind and solid enough to withstand substantial force. Dome homes are ideal in regions prone to intense storms and heavy snowfall.

Types of dome homes

There are different types of dome homes.

    1. Geodesic- The type of dome home structure lies on interconnected triangles. A triangle is a rigid shape ideal for building the toughest joints. However, the internodes are prone to frequent flooding. But the roof, walls, and joints make it a sturdy structure that can last for decades.
    2. Monolithic- A monolithic dome home is made with a single layer of concrete and other thick materials. The single layer of concrete makes it resistant to bug infestation and other forms of deterioration. The exterior details are uniform, making it airtight, sturdy, and tough.
  • Yurts: This is probably the mother of all dome homes. Yurts are ancient shelters with straight roof rafters tied to lattice walls. Modern yurts have compression roofs, sphere shapes, and lattice walls. They’re also made from modern building materials and use steel fasteners and lightweight insulation. They are low-cost and therefore become popular rental accommodation units.

Advantages of modern dome homes

  1. Versatile-Domes are designed to fit various architectural needs such as cabins, bulk storage, churches, arenas, gymnasiums, and stadiums. Dome structures can be constructed on dry land, by the beach, underground, in mountainous regions, and underwater.
  2. Durable- Dome homes can withstand many natural disasters such as wind and snow. A dome-shaped house only allows wind to move around, which has lesser impact than flat, surfaced walls.
  3. Energy-efficient- A dome home is an energy-efficient space. The spherical shape makes the sun refract within the dome, warming the space sufficiently. A dome home decreases the need to heat and light the house constantly. Therefore, a dome home is an eco-friendly housing solution.
  4. Strong and sturdy- Geodesic homes are increasingly popular due to climate change and associated weather catastrophes. The structural shape of a geodesic dome makes it stable to withstand storms. A dome or sphere is more durable than a square and rectangle. Consequently, a dome home is proportionally bigger, stronger, and more durable than conventional homes.
  5. Affordable- a dome home is a low-cost structure. It has less surface area than conventional homes. Typically, geodesic domes consume fewer building materials, keeping your total building cost low. Many dome homes use fast-drying a combination of foam and cement. Other materials used are timber, steel, and aluminum.
  6. Provides housing solutions – for all a geodesic home is simple to build and maintain. Although it is not a conventional living space, it provides quality housing options for many homeless people.
  7. Unique-A dome home is not your convection house. A dome home makes a personal statement about your taste, style, and preferences.

Disadvantages of geodesic dome homes

Dome homes are popular because they’re cost-effective and a viable housing solution. However, there are some downsides to this housing option.

  • Hard to furnish

It is challenging to find furniture pieces to fit a dome home. A dome home is spherical, and so its corners are curved. One has to request custom-made furniture because the market rarely has ready-made pieces for a geodesic home. Similarly, wall arts and other interior décor are hard to find in the conventional market. Therefore, owning a dome home may be more expensive than buying an ordinary house.

  • Privacy issues

A circular home is an excellent environment-friendly housing option. It allows adequate air circulation and maximizes solar energy. However, it echoes and allows noise to travel around the house, causing noise pollution. Noise pollution becomes more significant with the size of the house: the smaller it is, the more noise circulates within the dome.

  • Construction red tapes

Building a geodesic home may look easy. However, its architectural details make it complicated. Building a geodesic home comes with a lot of red tapes. For instance, it isn’t easy to find doors and windows to fit a dome home. Homeowners associations rarely approve dome homes because the geodesic housing option is unconventional. Homeowners may take years to obtain a homeowners’ association approval.

  • Weak links

A geodesic home has hundreds of joints between the triangles. Therefore, a dome home frequently leaks roofs and windows, especially during wet seasons. Further, depending on the location, a dome home can increase the risk of growing mold and compromise the air quality.

  • Hard to sell

A home is a permanent structure. Therefore, it should be easy to dispose of when you want to move to a new neighborhood. Selling a geodesic home is challenging and can lead to substantial loss because it is unpopular among home buyers. Investing in a geodesic home is not a great business idea because a housing unit remains unsold for years on end.

  • Builders are hard to find

Many construction contractors specialize in building conventional homes. A few architects, roofing, and designers understand the geodesic polyhedrons. Further, designing three-dimensional shapes is time-consuming because dome homes’ walls should all be flat outfacing surfaces.

  • Relatively costly 

Building a geodesic home can be expensive because many building companies must research widely before signing a construction contract. For architectural coverings, a geodesic home should use eco-friendly materials such as fiberglass, steel, plexiglass, and polyester. Further, many house-building kits include only the shell construction materials and not the interior details.


A dome home is a spherical structure. It is energy-efficient, low-cost housing that stands out from the other types of houses in the neighborhood.


5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Patio Furniture

Our gardens have essentially become an extension of our homes nowadays which is why it is so important to fully utilise our outdoor space as efficiently as possible. You could quite literally create another house outside. Most people have a living and dining space as well as kitchen areas in their backyards. It is without a doubt the perfect place to spend a warm summer afternoon either in the peace and quiet of your own company or enjoy it with friends and family.

However, picking the right furniture for you and making sure that it will be suitable for your location’s weather conditions is a crucial part of creating your ideal patio. There are multiple things to consider before beginning such as the type of furniture you will need, its features and quality, how easy it would be to maintain and some more. That is why here at We Buy Any House, we have gathered some of the most important things you will need to think about in regards to your patio furniture prior to embarking on your journey of creating your ideal outdoor living space.

  1. Invest In Quality Furniture

Patio furnishing is one of those things where buying cheap pieces will only end up costing you more in the long-term. It is worth considering your budget and what you can afford but bear in mind that more expensive furniture will add more value to your garden than the cheap one which will not last much. That is especially true for places where weather conditions are extreme and ever changing. It is therefore worth investing in the best quality patio furniture you can afford in order to get the best value for your money.

  1. Dual-Purpose Furniture Pieces

If you have a smaller garden this is definitely something, you will want to give some thought to. As space can be limited sometimes, multipurpose types of furniture could be quite practical for your patio. Such pieces that serve a dual purpose can not only save you a lot of space, but they can be budget friendly as well since they eliminate any unnecessary buying. For example, a dining chair can double up as a lounging one or even a table. Anything you think of has probably been designed already and is out there on the market.

  1. Storage For Your Furniture

Storing your patio furniture during off season periods can add a lot of years to it. No matter the quality of it, if any piece of furniture gets rained, snowed and hailed on, there is a big chance that it won’t last too long. That is why it is so important to have a space where you can store any fabric items and anything else that could be tucked in during winter would be beneficial as furniture covers designed for protection are not always as effective, especially with wooden materials like wicker and rattan. What’s more, even if you have weather-proof furniture, it will not necessarily provide full protection, especially not from heavy rain which can create permanent mildew for your fabric items.

  1. Consider Your Furniture’s Maintenance

As opposed to providing storage for your outdoor furniture, you might want to consider how much and how often you are able and willing to maintain it. It is true for most things in life that with the right amount of upkeep, anything can last for years. It is therefore vital to choose a piece of furniture that is easy to take care of. Most metal, plastic and rattan items are highly durable and require minimal maintenance. However, if you want to go with metal, it is worth saying that it tends to get very hot during summer days and you must have it in a place that you know will not burn anyone sitting or touching it. Also, metal can start rusting quickly so it may not be the wisest choice. Rattan on the other hand is a wonderful weather resistant material that does not require a lot of maintenance. It can be easily cleaned with a vacuum or a brush as well. We would suggest researching what the right material would be for you according to your location needs.

  1. Comfortability, Comfortability, Comfortability

Outdoor spaces are generally used for relaxation and precisely because of that you need to consider your comfortability. There is no point in anything you buy for your patio if it is not an enjoyable place to spend your time in. Decorate and add personality and coziness to your furniture with pillows, throws and cushions. Make sure that they are all weather resistant in order to prevent colour fading and mildew. What’s more, we suggest trying your furniture before you buy it. Test its comfortability and ask yourself if you would love to have your morning coffee sitting on your patio chair outside. At the end of the day, you are creating your outdoor space for you to enjoy and relax in so what is the point of it if you are not feeling amazing while using it!?


We know that buying your first patio furniture can be just as exciting as buying your first house so before you rush out to the shop, do your research and make sure you are getting the right things for you, that you have considered everything which is important and that you are confident with making your informed decisions.


This article was written by a quick house sale company We Buy Any House. If you are wondering “how can get a free online house valuation?”, head to the We Buy Any House website for more information relating to all property related enquiries.