Biohazard Cleaning: Keeping the Workplace Kitchen Safe During the Pandemic

Guidelines and regulations may differ across states in the country, but with the vaccine rollout, the world will return to normalcy soonest. Lockdown has been lifted in most parts of the globe, with staff gradually returning to their various offices. If your office has reopened for business, be sure to ask if it has been properly cleaned and sanitized by a biohazard cleaning company that stays up to date with the latest cleaning technique. Immediately, the coronavirus broke out, these experts swung into action by researching about the virus to know the right cleaning method to use. Now, you can entrust coronavirus cleaning to a biohazard cleaning company because they are the most competent hand for such cleaning service.

Since your company is planning to welcome staff back to work, odds are high that they made plenty of adjustments to the physical workplace. From maintaining social distance and limiting the number of employees in the office daily to a more rigorous cleaning routine, there are many things that a company will put in place to ensure that the workplace is COVID-19 compliant. With the help of a biohazard cleaning company, they can help make your workplace COVID-secure here.

Measures to Take to Keep the Workplace Secure

What are the precautions to take to keep the workplace clean and safe for employees, guests, and customers? There’s quite a number of ways to do keep the workspace secure, however, some offices have shut down communal spaces due to the health risk they pose. This is because communal kitchens, for instance, features high-touch surfaces and a higher likelihood of reduced hand hygiene. If your office kitchen will remain open for your employees, then you should consider the following steps to reduce the risk of contamination.

Set up hand sanitizer Station

Make sure you have a hand sanitizer station installed at the entrance and exit points of the kitchen. This way, employees will enter and leave the kitchen with clean hands.

Entry Restrictions

The kitchen space will be used to half capacity. Limit the number of people entering the kitchen area. However, the size of the kitchen matters a lot in this case. Limiting the number of people that access the kitchen at a given time reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Establish a Routine

Train staff on how to use the newly installed facilities in the communal kitchen. Strict rules and guidelines to follow include

  • Washing your hands using soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds before and after using the kitchen
  • Wear a mask when using the kitchen. Anyone without a mask will not get access
  • Keep the high traffic surface clean regularly. Wipe down using an anti-bacterial cleaning solution.

Take Cleaning Seriously

One way to protect the lives of your staff using the kitchen is to boost your kitchen cleaning rota. You may decide to hire a biohazard cleaning company to help with a thorough cleaning and sanitizing. These technicians will clean the high traffic areas and other areas during and after work hours. However, they will need to create a cleaning routine.