A Beginner Guide to Audio Mixing

Making music is not difficult nowadays. Using audio editing software is enough to give you a good result. Or, you also can use professional service, such as amazingmastering.com, to get your music processed by the best team. Now, one of the most important steps in making music is audio mixing. The website we mentioned before also provides this service. However, it’s also a good idea to know what audio mixing is and the basics of it. With this, at least, you know what they will do with your music.

What is Audio Mixing?

As its name stated, the audio mixing is the process of blending several tracks of audio into one music composition. The blending process uses several methods, such as adjusting the EQ, reverb, and compression. It depends on how you want the result to be.

The main purpose of audio mixing is to get the best out of your audio tracks. Therefore, when you combine them into one composition, the result will be much better than before. And, if you plan to commercialize this music or use it to communicate with other people, the audio mixing becomes more important.

The Audio Mixing Workflow

The audio mixing process generally uses three basic steps from start to finish. Here they are”

  • Preparation

On this step, you need to prepare the track you are going to mix. However, when you record the track, make sure you already process it. It helps the mixing process a lot. For example, if you plan to bring out the brighter sound on one track, record it, so it sounds like that. When the audio mixing process is started, it can bring the best of this track, which makes it even more perfect.

This is also the reason why planning how your music would will be is important. That helps you to know which part you need to improve. Or, if you use the professional audio mixing service, you can tell them what part they need to work on.

  • Cutting and Blending

The next step is cutting and blending. When you record so many tracks that you will mix into one final track, there is a chance that all of them don’t fit each other. The professional mixing service that you hire will do the cut, so each track can blend each other. This way your music will sound like real music.

  • Balancing

Cutting and blending all tracks is not enough to create good music. A balance needs to be created. This is the last step of audio mixing. Your mixed track will be trimmed here and there to give it a nice sound. Then, the sound level will be adjusted, so it can create a nuance that you want from your music.


That’s all about audio mixing. As you can see, it is a simple process, but in reality, it could be complicated. You need a good skill with the audio tool and music, to be able to produce good music. Try it yourself or use professional service to make your music.