7 Proven Hack Methods to Get Amazon Reviews Quick

Selling is all about trust-building among customers. This is why organizations are used to spread goodwill and try to build trust among stakeholders. It lets them generate more sales in the present and helps them shape things for future sales. It was happening in the conventional world right from the time marketing has taken over traditional selling. But with the emergence of e-commerce platforms, it has become a little difficult for sellers to talk about the quality of products. Yes, you can add very fine descriptions and can even promote through PPC ads. But still, people want to hear from someone neutral. A 2017 study carried by G2 and Heinz marketing, supports the idea that public reviews matter during online selling. A professional Amazon Agency can bring the curated results for you.

A buyer would love to see how the past buyers have rated the product before making a buying decision. The reviews not only influence the prospective buyers but also Amazon itself. Amazon search bots will take the price and previous selling history of the product before showing the product in the organic search results. Amazon FBA maters in promoting products in organic searches. But besides seeing the fulfillment and price of the product amazon likes to review the past reviews on the product. Hence the success of the product heavily depends on the quality of the reviews. A seller should always be prepared about how to get quick reviews on Amazon.

7 Proven Hack Methods to Get Amazon Reviews 

1.    Trust Amazon’s automated follow-up

Amazon has an automated system in place and it can be used to follow up with customers. Amazon sends an automated email to every shopper and asks one to share one’s experience. It also prompts one for leaving a review. You can afford to trust in this wonderful program if you have served a buyer with a quality product. But that’s not all you can do to get a review. You can also request a review if a customer still has not reviewed your product at this step. A seller has yet another chance to ask for the product review.

  1. Use the “request a review” button

There is more you can do with the seller central account as it offers some more useful options to you as a seller. You can use the “request a review” button to send a follow-up email to a buyer within 30 days of purchase. Amazon will send one email to make the buyer share its buying experience. But then your second email will simply enhance your chances to get a review in a quick time. A seller is more likely to get a customer’s review by sending this email. Using this request button can surely enhance your chances to get a good rating. It is a simple and convenient method to prompt a buyer for a review. You can send bulk review requests by using the services offered by some professional agencies.

3.    Join Amazon’s early review program 

Amazon offers a program to help sellers get reviews for fresh products. Although it is a bit costly for the fresh sellers. But it ensures reviews as Amazon incentivizes the buyer for leaving a review. The seller will however be charged about $60 after a buyer leaves a review. A $5 gift is all that Amazon promises to the shopper in exchange for the product review. It is a bit costly but quite a useful method to get quick reviews for freshly launched products. A seller needs to invest upfront before starting making money on the platform.

4.    Register in the vine program 

Amazon’s vine program is a nice program for the entities that have registered a brand on Amazon. All third-party sellers can get free registration in this program. It is a fit one for the freshly launched branded items. You just need to submit 30 units of your inventory while the vine reviewers will receive the product without paying a penny. The item will be tested and you will start getting quick reviews against a newly launched range of items. You are advised to avail this opportunity to get those quick reviews. It might just cost you a few good units but it will also get you worthy reviews. And, that too on a quick basis.

5.    Open new channels of communication 

It is always good to open channels off Amazon and it is not something illegal at all. You can use any of the marketing and communication options to remain in touch with your stakeholders. It is always good to develop an email list to remain in touch with prospective buyers. You can make one test or review your product by opening channels of communication. You can divert the prospects from other channels to Amazon by properly engaging a customer.

  1. Try accessing people through social media

Social media is not only used to communicate but also to create leads. You can also try accessing people through social media. It is a great way to develop communities and engage people for product selling and worthy reviews. You can provide quality information about your products, their use, and industry information. You cannot of course financially incentivize buyers but you can surely serve them with quality information. It is a good way to engage customers and open the channels of communication through social media. You can collect valuable contact details through proper customer engagement.

  1. Utilize product inserts 

Product inserts are a good way to request product reviews. You can try inserting the token or small card into the product packaging to open communication with the shopper. You can incentivize the request by offering something valuable for the future. You can tell the shopper to get the information about new arrivals and discounts in the future by simply remaining in touch with you. You can drop your social media account details and email address for detailed communication.


Amazon product reviews are vital to collect especially when you are a fresh seller on the platform. You can try several of Amazon’s exclusive programs to collect reviews. But it is also good to try some self-curated techniques to get quality product reviews. The product-inserts for example will provide you a great way to engage your customers. You can also try opening social media channels for proper engagement.