4 Ways That You Can Prepare For a Hardwood Floor Installation

The decision to jettison the carpeting and install a hardwood floor is a smart one. Before the team shows up to begin the hardwood floor installation, there are some things you can do in advance. Paired with the team’s efforts, what you do now will help the project proceed without delays.

Remove All Furnishings From the Space

This is not the type of project where you can move all the furniture to one end of the room, then shift it to the other side as the work progresses. In order to lay the floor properly, everything needs to be relocated to another part of the house. An empty room means the crew can get to work the moment that they arrive.

Along with getting the furniture out of the way, this provides the chance to vacuum the carpeting one last time before it’s removed. There will still be dust in the carpet itself, but whatever you can get out with the vacuum will help.

Remove and Store the Doors

The installation crew would need to remove the doors in order to lay the flooring. You can help out by taking the doors down yourself. In most cases, this is a process that can be completed in minutes. It’s also one more way to speed up things for the crew.

Removing the doors yourself also means you can store them so they aren’t in the way of you or the crew. Take them to the garage, place them in the attic, or tuck them away in the basement. Once the hardwood floor is done, putting them back in place will be quick and easy.

Seal Off Nearby Rooms

Even with a new hardwood floor installation, there will be sanding and quite a bit of dust. To keep things contained, consider sealing off the nearby rooms. This involves more than simply closing the doors to those rooms. You also want to make sure nothing can get in under those doors.

This can often be done by using some type of material to fill in the tiny spaces at the bottom of the doors. A drop cloth will work fine, or you may be able to use wide painters tape to create a temporary seal.

Leave the Driveway Clear for the Installation Team

Saving the crew from making additional steps to transport materials in and out of the house is a smart move. You can help by making sure all of your vehicles are out of the driveway before the crew arrives. If possible, arrange space for the crew to park as close to the front or back door as possible.

You may be able to park your cars on the street. If not, ask one of the neighbors if you can borrow one or more driveways while the crew is working. This one courtesy can save a lot of walking back and forth, allowing the crew to make more progress in less time.

Talk with the contractor who will oversee the installation of your new floor. There are likely a few more things you can do in advance that will speed up the process. Remember that your efforts on the front end allow you to begin enjoying that new floor a little sooner.