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Ultratron Review


Ultratron Review

All humans have been killed off by evil killer robots. You are the one remaining humanoid battle droid. Now it’s time to avenge the human race.

Ultratron is an old-school arcade shooter game developed by Puppy Games and ported by Curve Digital. The game was originally released on PC and then ported to consoles.

Ultratron is simple and yet complex game that gives you the movement of your droid with the left stick and the shooting for the droid with the right stick. You’ll then be tasked with taking on wave after wave of evil killer robots while they shoot you down, place mines or bombs, shoot rockets and just try to collide with you.

UltratronEven Robots need a little nutrition sometimes.

The game starts off pretty simple, just dodge the enemy and their bullets and kill them in return. It’s what happens after you gain some progression that changes the game compared to other games of the genre. Every time you kill an enemy they drop a glowing orb, these are your currency. After you finish a wave you’ll be brought to a screen that will allow you to purchase upgrades, these upgrades range from buying extra shields and bombs to purchasing grenade upgrades to buying new pets that will shoot for you. Certain perks require progression through the game and you’ll have to choose which perks will serve you better for the time being, so you’ll have to spend your points wisely.

Every so often you’ll see spideroids appear on the screen with a line of dots (money) following them, killing these creatures will net you a power up, these can consist of bonus shields, smart bombs or sentry turrets, or an actual weapon power up, these are Twin (double shot), 3-Way (Splits your bullets in 3 directions), Rapid Fire, Bounce and Bezerk. All of these power ups can help in a dire times so it’s best to save them for later levels if you can help it, as long as an enemy bomb doesn’t destroy them they can remain on the map for indefinite periods of time.

UltratronSo much to choose from and that includes friends.

As you progress through the game you’ll encounter different types of waves and challenges, you’ll encounter assault waves, which pit you against all enemies who shoot at you requiring you to dodge shots that are coming from all directions. Then there are the challenges that can give you bonus points and money, these can be shooting all the spideroids that appear on the screen or dodging every creature that appears. Completing these without taking damage and perfectly will help a lot for coming waves.

Once every 10 waves, you’ll encounter a boss wave. These will be the testament to seeing how good you are in the game as well as how well you set your perks when you finished each wave. The bosses will have weak spots all around their bodies that you will need to destroy in order to beat the boss. Each boss will do something different compared to the last, just shooting you, firing missiles as well and moving around the screen as well.

UltratronProbably be seeing this screen a lot.

As you beat a boss wave that will unlock a checkpoint for you if you happen to die later on in the game which will allow you to continue from there with the perks that you’ve acquired up to that point.

Once you’ve beaten the 4 bosses in the game, 40 waves, the game then starts to get even harder as then every boss wave instead of one boss being there will be 2 at once. This continues into later waves as well and then triples the bosses on one wave.

The game provides a lot of challenge and replayability to setting your perks correctly and trying not to waste money on shields and other such.

Overall Ultratron is worth it to pick up for anyone that likes twin stick or old retro arcade shooter style games, and brings a lot of additions to the game that makes it stand out from other games of the same genre. The music, the arcade lighting and the gameplay all bring the game together as an enjoyable game, and is easy to pick up and play with no worries of being bad at the game as you can play every 10 levels and replay them till you finish and get the next checkpoint.



Overall Game Rating



  • Lots of variety
  • Easy to pick up
  • Fun Gameplay


  • Spending all money on shields
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