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SlashDash Review

SlashDash is a local multiplayer party game that throws the secret Ninja handbook out the window. Gone are the days where Ninjas hid in the shadows, draped in black, primed, waiting to strike. Wide open spaces and all the colours of the rainbow being the latest trend. Team up with your closest ninja buddy or go it alone in the battle to see how many enemies you can turn into logs before the time runs out. 

There are four game modes. Capture the Flag, where you’ll have to team up and attempt to steal the enemies flag with them being able to see where you are at all times, if your team mate is a five year old who likes to wonder around aimlessly chopping down Bamboo then this may be hard, if not working as a team will help you towards victory as slashing your opponent with your sword, doesn’t chop them in half as you might think, it sends them flying off in your chosen direction. As walking with the flag is extremely slow, this tactic helps greatly to secure victory, bearing in mind you’ll have to defend your flag, kill attacking Ninjas and help your teammate as part of a two Ninja team. 

slashdash review

The next game mode Assassination, has you defending your team’s Shogun while working together to kill the other teams. Players can slash the poor guy back and forth to pass him between team-mates like a human volleyball which helps keep him safe from people that want to take his life so he can respawn in round two.  Unfortunately this is one of two modes that you are completely locked out of unless you have four controllers. 

Next up is Mirror Match, each player controls five ninja clones and attempts to navigate them around the map, with each ninja responding simultaneously to button pushes.  This can be quite a fun mode to play with Ninjas getting stuck or left behind when you are moving around slashing away at the enemies. This mode can be played with two players.

slashdash review

Last but not least is Deathrace where anything goes. Whether it’s stunning the enemy or chopping them into pieces, your actions will fill up a meter seen in the middle of the screen and the first to fill theirs, wins. 

All four game modes can be played on nine quite beautiful maps, which are all based on the Japanese Edo period. Team that with the soundtrack and there’s pretty much no better place to play Ninja. The maps range from a Bamboo Forest to the Frozen Village, which sees you sliding around all over the place, which can be pretty amusing as you slide around, chopping like a maniac.

The Rock Garden map with the beautiful cherry blossom tree situated in the middle was a highlight, as were the Japanese Ponds littered with Lotus Flowers. There are also obstacles like spikes that can kill you if you stay there long enough for them to appear. Graphically Slash Dash is a vibrant cartoon-esque take on the Japanese culture, where maps come to life as you complete objectives.

slashdash review

The more you play, the more you’ll unlock for your ninja, from Kunai’s to smoke bombs that will stun your enemy for a second, leaving them dazed and giving you an advantage. 

When it comes to fun, Slashdash definitely delivers providing you have enough people at home to play with, no online play or even an AI system, let’s this game down greatly and the fact that it blocks half of the games modes out unless you have four controllers lying around means it loses major points. The colourful ninjas and beautiful maps and music provide a great backdrop for the games four game modes and it definitely is a laugh to play with friends and family alike.



Overall Game Rating



  • Well thoughtout maps and soundtrack which match the setting perfectly
  • A lot of fun to be had providing you have enough players
  • Ninjas


  • Half of the game modes are unplayable without four controllers
  • No AI or Online Gameplay
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