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Nevermind Xbox One Preview

With Nevermind scheduled for release on the Xbox One later this year. I took a look at the P.C Version of the game to gain some insight into what players can expect when it releases for the next gen console.

Developed by Flying Mollusk, Nevermind is a horror puzzle/adventure game that takes you deep into the incredibly dark and at times twisted subconscious minds of psychological trauma victims.

You work as a Neuroprober beginning work at a the Neurostalgia Institute, a business which is dedicated to the study and treatment of psychological trauma. As a Neuroprober you are tasked with delving deep into each individual patients subconscious mind in order to help them deal with their trauma by unearthing memories they had long since buried, finding these memories which can sometimes appear in the form of Photographs or Memory Photos that help to piece together the puzzle of their trauma and in the end can give them clarity and put them at peace.

As the game begins you are inside the Neurostalgia facility and are prompted to sign in at a computer screen before entering your office, you can name your doctor as whatever you wish and after deciding that name will appear on your office door, which I thought was a nice touch.

Players are quickly taught about how the game works and the kinds of things you will be tasked with doing once it starts.The tutorial is very helpful in teaching players the different aspects of the game and it leaves no stone unturned in its quest to help you better understand the meaning of the work you need to perform. Objects can be picked up and manipulated for better viewing and photographs are found to teach players about their relevance within the game.

The tutorial is really your first patient and the exercise is designed to teach you the games mechanics, giving you a better insight into what lies ahead. The starting location has beautiful grasslands with flowers, there are doors on one side and a small building sitting behind a picture board, very fable like.The picture board plays a prominent role in the game, when all the patients memory photos have been picked up they need to be organised in order to help the patient remove the trauma haunting them. They are not all required and some memory photos are simply false memories created by the patient as part of their coping mechanism.

While delving into each subconscious mind players learn that though some memories come freely others need to be coaxed out of the patient’s mind. The subconscious doesn’t take kindly to intruders and will take any opportunity to feed on players anxiety, if you remain calm and peaceful it will react in a similar way. If players find memories a little too much there is the option to back out of the patients imprint at any time.

The game can be very haunting at times but then this can be considered largely similar to that of real life trauma patients, and that is what makes Nevermind a fantastic game. Visually it is beautiful and at times quite breathtaking. The story is pretty unique and that sets it aside from any other game out there. As you progress throughout the game you will encounter harder puzzles and darker minds but that’s part and parcel of games. Nevermind received a positive response after it’s initial early access release on Steam and Xbox One fans have a real treat in store for them when Nevermind hits the Xbox Store sometime later this year.

Nevermind is definitely a game to look out for in the future.

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