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Week 7 of League of Legends eSports

Welcome ladies and gentleman to Week 7 of the EU and NA LCS. Sorry for those of you who were waiting on Week 6 but sadly due to the 4th of July weekend holiday in the states I was unable to watch the matches, but we are back this week and are ready to get underway.

But first we have some info on Worlds as well as ticket info if anyone is interested. In League the World Championships are held in 4 stages; Group Stage, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals. This year each part will be hosted in it’s own location. The Group Stages will be held in Paris, France and tickets for the group stage are already sold out after going on sale July 8th. The Quarterfinals will be in London, UK and tickets for that will go on sale July 15th. The Semifinals will be held in Brussels, Belgium and tickets for that will go on sale July 22nd. And finally the Finals will be held in Berlin, Germany and tickets for the finals will go on sale July 29th. You can find all ticket info when they go on sale here at the following address League Of Legends Tickets

Now here is how the standings in the EU LCS looked after week 6 of being away.

  1. Fnatic (12-0)
  2. Origen (9-3)
  3. H2K (9-3)
  4. Giants Gaming (6-6)
  5. Unicorns of Love (5-7)
  6. Gambit Gaming (5-7)
  7. ROCCAT (5-7)
  8. Elements (4-8)
  9. SK Gaming (3-9)
  10. Copenhagen Wolves (2-10)


Tahm Kench

Alright let’s get into week 7, but first a new champion has been released for the public and I imagine we might be seeing him in pro play in a few weeks towards the EU and NA Summer playoffs. And this new champion who is pictured above is Tahm Kench, the River King.

Fnatic – Game 1 vs H2K: Champions played; Huni (Rumble) 5/2/9, Reignover (Rengar) 2/5/8, Febiven (Jayce) 5/0/5, Rekkles (Corki) 6/1/8, YellOwStaR (Alistar) 0/1/17. Fnatic faced a rematch against H2K, and this time around things looked grim in the beginning of the game for Fnatic due to a poorly planned invade, however Fnatic stayed calm and won some crucial team fights later in the game due to Febiven on Jayce. Result: Win.

          Game 2 vs Origen: Champions played; Huni (Lulu) 0/5/16, Reignover (Nunu) 2/3/13, Febiven (Viktor) 11/2/6, Rekkles (Kalista) 6/1/7, and YellOwStaR (Janna) 0/2/18. Another rematch against Origen this week as well as Fnatic faced off against both the 2nd and 3rd best team in the EU. However this rematch would prove the same as the first game with Fnatic proving to strong and running Origen into the ground. Result: Win. (2-0 on the week)

Origen – Game 1 vs Giants Gaming: Champions played; SoaZ (Ryze) 4/0/6, Amazing (Rek’Sai) 1/1/9, xPeke (Diana) 5/2/1, Niels (Sivir) 6/0/6, and Mithy (Nautilus) 1/2/11. It was a dominating win from Origen, capitalizing off of quite a few odd calls from Giants. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Fnatic: Champions played; SoaZ (Ryze) 3/4/6, Amazing (Gragas) 3/5/5, xPeke (Twisted Fate) 4/3/3, Niels (Corki) 1/2/6, and Mithy (Nautilus) 1/6/5. A rematch against Fnatic, and another loss to them, although they did manage to stop Huni this game it mattered little falling prey to both the Mid laner and ADC of Fnatic. Result: Loss. (1-1 on the week)

H2K – Game 1 vs Fnatic: Champions played; Odoamne (Gnar) 4/4/5, Loulex (Gragas) 1/5/5, Ryu (Viktor) 1/3/4, Hjarnan (Lucian) 1/2/3, and kaSing (Shen) 2/4/6. Despite H2K getting off to a great early game against Fnatic it just wasn’t enough for them as they lacked too much damage to win most team fights, and that was the main reason they lost the game. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs ROCCAT: Champions played; Odoamne (Rumble) 3/5/4, Loulex (Olaf) 1/5/7, Ryu (Jayce) 0/3/7, Hjarnan (Sivir) 4/2/5, and kaSing (Annie) 2/2/6. Another hard week for H2K as it seems the loss to Fnatic hit them hard, and possibly causing them to perform in this match against ROCCAT. H2K seem to be in some kind of slump and they just have week 8 and 9 to get back on track. Result: Loss. (0-2 on the week)

Giants Gaming – Game 1 vs Origen: Champions played; Werlyb (Rumble) 2/6/3, Fr3deric (Gragas) 1/4/1, PepiiNeRO (Yasuo) 0/3/0, Adryh (Tristana) 1/4/0, and G0DFRED (Janna) 1/0/3. An odd game from the Giants and a game where they definitely were not in sync with each other for whatever reason, as people showed up to fights at different times or ended up taking fights that they obviously shouldn’t have. Whatever the reason in resulted in a loss for Giants. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs Gambit Gaming: Champions played; Werlyb (Galio) 1/2/19, Fr3deric (Rek’Sai) 3/3/12, PepiiNeRO (Varus) 9/0/8, Adryh (Jinx) 10/1/8, and G0DFRED (Morgana) 0/1/19. A much better game from Giants for this second game and much better controlled and of course better communication helped them in this win over Gambit. Result: Win. (1-1 on the week)

Unicorns of Love – Game 1 vs Copenhagen Wolves: Champions played; Vizicsacsi (Shen) 5/1/10, Kikis (Lee Sin) 4/1/12, PowerOfEvil (Kog’Maw) 7/0/10, Vardags (Corki) 3/1/6, and Hylissang (Alistar) 0/1/15. A dominating performance from UOL who seem to be gaining some momentum as always late in the season, but this win was against the Wolves who are a low tier team. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Elements: Champions played; Vizicsacsi (Shen) 4/6/14, Kikis (Elise) 5/3/15, PowerOfEvil (Ezreal) 7/0/12, Vardags (Sivir) 4/3/14, and Hylissang (Alistar) 0/3/17. Another win for UOL although it was a much closer game against Elements who are near them in the standings than it was against Wolves, but still it seems UOL need to keep this up heading into weeks 8 and 9 to stay in playoff contention. Result: Win. (2-0 on the week)

Gambit Gaming – Game 1 vs SK Gaming: Champions played; Cabochard (Yasuo) 7/2/4, Diamondprox (Gragas) 2/0/8, Betsy (Orianna) 1/1/4, FORG1VEN (Corki) 3/0/6, and Gosu Pepper (Alistar) 0/0/12. A dominating win against SK, although again SK is one of the teams toward the very bottom of the standings, Gambit still have some tough games later on which will be a big test for them as far as a chance for reaching playoffs. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Giants Gaming: Champions played; Cabochard (Ryze) 2/3/3, Diamondprox (Gragas) 2/5/2, Betsy (Azir) 0/3/4, FORG1VEN (Graves) 2/4/2, and Gosu Pepper (Alistar) 1/7/4. A bad loss against one of the teams higher in the standings than them and one of the tough games I was talking about, next week won’t be any easier with them having to face both Origen and Unicorns of Love. Result: Loss. (1-1 on the week)

ROCCAT – Game 1 vs Elements: Champions played; Steve (Ryze) 2/5/5, Jankos (Ekko) 1/4/5, Nukeduck (Jayce) 3/1/2, MrRalleZ (Graves) 2/3/5, and Vander (Annie) 0/1/6. A mediocre game from ROCCAT, considering they have had better showings against teams above them in the standings but for some reason fall short of teams who are below them such as Elements. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs H2K: Champions played; Steve (Maokai) 3/1/11, Jankos (Lee Sin) 3/5/9, Nukeduck (Viktor) 8/0/6, MrRalleZ (Kalista) 1/3/8, and Vander (Tresh) 2/1/13. A great game and great win against…well a team who is higher than them in the standings. ROCCAT is currently only one spot out of making it into playoffs, but a tough week for them is coming up against both Fnatic and Giants. Result: Win. (1-1 on the week)

Elements – Game 1 vs ROCCAT: Champions played; Jwaow (Nautilus) 0/3/6, Dexter (Evelynn) 4/3/8, Froggen (Twisted Fate) 3/1/6, Tabzz (Sivir) 6/0/5, and Nyph (Tresh) 0/2/8. A well played game from Elements who it seems are starting to find some rhythm with each other finally, but they will need to keep making improvements if they hope to make playoffs which is shaping up to be a close race. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Unicorns of Love: Champions played; Jwaow (Nautilus) 0/1/15, Dexter (Evelynn) 5/4/9, Froggen (Ryze) 6/1/3, Tabzz (Twitch) 3/5/8, and Nyph (Tresh) 1/5/10. It was another close game for Elements but this game resulted in a loss and will hurt them in a tie breaker against UOL if it comes to that. Result: Loss. (1-1 on the week)

SK Gaming – Game 1 vs Gambit Gaming: Champions played; fredy122 (Nautilus) 0/2/2, Svenskeren (Ekko) 0/5/2, Fox (Viktor) 3/3/0, CandyPanda (Ezreal) 0/1/1, and nRated (Lulu) 0/2/1. A bad game for SK and bad loss despite it being a low kill game, SK was shut out by Gambit from the beginning of the game. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs Copenhagen Wolves: Champions played; fredy122 (Nautilus) 2/0/7, Svenskeren (Gragas) 1/1/8, Fox (Irelia) 8/0/0, CandyPanda (Sivir) 3/0/6, and nRated (Lulu) 0/1/12. SK do get a win this week though it was against the Wolves, but this win will help them try to stay ahead of Wolves and out of 10th place and that relegation spot. Result: Win. (1-1 on the week)

Copenhagen Wolves – Game 1 vs Unicorns of Love: Champions played; Lenny (Lulu) 1/4/3, Shook (Gragas) 1/3/2, Soren (Viktor) 2/4/1, Freeze (Graves) 0/2/4, and Je suis Kaas (Nautilus) 0/6/4. Despite swapping out both their Top lane player and Support players in week 6 it hasn’t helped them any, in fact the consensus from most people is that it seems like the changes have hindered the Wolves more than helped them. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs SK Gaming: Champions played; Lenny (Shen) 1/2/1, Shook (Rek’Sai) 1/1/1, Soren (Viktor) 0/3/1, Freeze (Corki) 0/4/1, and Je suis Kaas (Alistar) 0/4/2. It is possible that Wolves might have given up hope for this summer split; there are still four games left, so there is still a possibility that they can escape relegation if they win 3 of their next 4 games and SK loses all 4 of theirs. Result: Loss. (0-2 on the week)

And that wraps up the recap of week 7 in the EU LCS, as Fnatic are dominate and the unbeatable team right now sitting cozy at a record of 14-0. Here are how the rest of the standings are looking.

  1. Fnatic (14-0)
  2. Origen (10-4)
  3. H2K (9-5)
  4. Giants Gaming (7-7)
  5. Unicorns of Love (7-7)
  6. Gambit Gaming (6-8)
  7. ROCCAT (6-8)
  8. Elements (5-9)
  9. SK Gaming (4-10)
  10. Copenhagen Wolves (2-12)


And this week’s featured match-up is the game between H2K and Fnatic. This was H2K’s game to win, and for awhile it seemed like they would, however Fnatic stuck with it and won several key team fights to gain momentum and the win.



League of Legends eSports EU and NA Finals

And now we head over to the NA LCS, where it has been a roller-coaster of a summer season for most teams where there are six teams who having been going up and down with each other all season. Here are the standings for NA after week 6.

  1. Gravity (9-3)
  2. (TSM) Team Solo Mid (9-3)
  3. Team Liquid (8-4)
  4. Team Dignitas (8-4)
  5. Team Impulse (7-5)
  6. (CLG) Counter Logic Gaming (7-5)
  7. Team 8 (4-8)
  8. Enemy Esports (4-8)
  9. Cloud 9 (3-9)
  10. (TDK) Team Dragon Knights (1-11)


Team Impulse

And now let’s get into week 7 for the NA LCS, where the as I said above it has been a roller-coaster of a summer.

Gravity – Game 1 vs Cloud 9: Champions played; Hauntzer (Maokai) 3/1/9, Move (Nidalee) 8/1/7, Keane (Urgot) 4/3/9, Altec (Sivir) 3/1/9, Bunny FuFuu (Shen) 1/5/16. Gravity are still on the up swing having taken control of first place during week 6, they are setting theirs goals for number one at the end of summer. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Enemy Esports: Champions played; Hauntzer (Maokai) 2/0/12, Move (Rek’Sai) 1/2/9, Keane (Azir) 5/1/4, Altec (Tristana) 7/1/3, Bunny FuFuu (Braum) 0/1/11. Another 2-0 week for Gravity whose team is really coming together and getting in sync with each other, in week 8 they will be playing Dignitas and Team 8 who also seems to have new life. Result: Win. (2-0 on the week)

TSM – Game 1 vs Team 8: Champions played; Dyrus (Nautilus) 0/4/3, Santorin (Vi) 1/2/5, Bjergson (Ezreal) 4/1/0, WildTurtle (Jinx) 1/3/4, and Lustboy (Shen) 0/3/4. Remember last time TSM played Team 8 and I said it wasn’t the cleanest game, well this one was worse obviously since they lost. But TSM just don’t look like the normal TSM, that and teams are learning if you limit their Mid lane player Bjergson then you have a better chance at winning. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs Team Liquid: Champions played; Dyrus (Maokai) 2/4/8, Santorin (Gragas) 1/3/11, Bjergson (Orianna) 3/3/6, WildTurtle (Jinx) 6/3/5, and Lustboy (Shen) 0/3/10. A better game than what TSM displayed against Team 8 however the result was the same as TSM take another loss. Liquid simply had the better team fighting team which lead to better control over the baron area and cost TSM the game. Result: Loss. (0-2 on the week)

Team Liquid – Game 1 vs TDK: Champions played; Quas (Gnar) 2/0/9, IWDominate (Gragas) 3/3/9, FeniX (Azir) 7/1/9, Piglet (Sivir) 7/2/10, and Xpecial (Janna) 0/3/15. A pretty solid win against TDK who is the lowest in the standings still, nothing really much to say about this one, but Liquid are definitely showing improvements. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs TSM: Champions played; Quas (Nautilus) 1/4/10, IWDominate (Rek’Sai) 1/4/14, FeniX (Azir) 8/2/6, Piglet (Corki) 6/0/10, and Xpecial (Annie) 0/2/16. Another team who is also on the up-swing having now won four games in a row, however most have been to lower teams aside from this game against TSM. They will face a rematch against CLG in week 8. Result: Win. (2-0 on the week)

Team Dignitas – Game 1 vs Team Impulse: Champions played; Gamsu (Rumble) 1/5/4, Helios (Jarvan) 1/6/8, Shiphtur (Varus) 2/5/3, CoreJJ (Corki) 3/2/5, and KiWiKiD (Alistar) 2/6/5. A rematch against Team Impulse who they turned the tables on the first time they played them, this time however would not be the case. Dignitas fell behind early, and was never able to turn it back around this time as Impulse was in full control. Result: Loss.

          Game 2 vs Cloud 9: Champions played; Gamsu (Jarvan) 0/4/1, Helios (Lee Sin) 0/3/0, Shiphtur (Diana) 1/5/0, CoreJJ (Sivir) 0/2/1, and KiWiKiD (Nautilus) 0/4/0. A disappointing week for Dignitas, as they were hoping to at least secure this win over Cloud 9 but obviously this wasn’t the case. Dignitas just played poorly managing only one kill the either game, team communication and good decision making was absent for Dignitas against Cloud 9. Result: Loss. (0-2 on the week)

Team Impulse – Game 1 vs Team Dignitas: Champions played; Impact (Gnar) 3/1/13, Rush (Lee Sin) 8/2/13, XiaoWeiXiao (Twisted Fate) 3/2/15, Apollo (Sivir) 8/1/10, and Adrian (Shen) 2/3/19. Impulse were bitter after their first loss to Dignitas, however this time once they got the lead they never relinquished control of the match. Impulse was able to pull off the win this time with superior control and game-play. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Team 8: Champions played; Impact (Ryze) 4/2/6, Rush (Lee Sin) 1/2/13, XiaoWeiXiao (Ahri) 3/2/9, Apollo (Corki) 7/0/10, and Adrian (Alistar) 2/1/15. It was a pretty decent game against Team 8, not as controlling as their win over Dignitas, but beggars can’t be choosers as long as it’s a win. Impulse however need to keep things going full steam ahead especially with a rematch against TSM next week. Result: Win. (2-0 on the week)

CLG – Game 1 vs Enemy Esports: Champions played; ZionSpartan (Fizz) 6/0/3, Xmithie (Gragas) 2/0/10, Pobelter (Orianna) 4/0/6, Doublelift (Tristana) 3/1/9, and Aphromoo (Janna) 0/0/12. A needed win and a dominating performance over Enemy Esports as CLG only allowed one kill against them the entire game Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs TSM: Champions played; ZionSpartan (Fizz) 5/5/5, Xmithie (Nautilus) 0/5/10, Pobelter (Twisted Fate) 3/3/7, Doublelift (Tristana) 13/2/3, and Aphromoo (Janna) 0/2/18. It’s safe to say that CLG has been on the decline lately, having only won their two games this week against bottom of the table teams, and this win against TDK was anything but smooth only really winning off the back of their ADC Doublelift. Out of their last 4 games 3 are against high to middle of the table teams. Result: Win. (2-0 on the week)

Team 8 – Game 1 vs TSM: Champions played; CaliTrlolz8 (Maokai) 3/2/4, Porpoise8 (Gragas) 0/1/11, goldenglue (Azir) 2/1/8, Nien (Kalista) 7/1/6, and Dodo8 (Tresh) 1/1/10. Team 8 came out with a plan this game to limit Bjergson’s effect on the game, and Team 8 ended up winning, so it seemed to have paid off. Team 8 has been slowly improving but it might be too little too late unless they can pull off some more upset wins in weeks 8 and 9. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Team Impulse: Champions played; CaliTrlolz8 (Nautilus) 1/4/6, Porpoise8 (Gragas) 1/2/6, goldenglue (Twisted Fate) 3/4/3, Nien (Jinx) 2/3/2, and Dodo8 (Shen) 0/4/5. And right as I talk about hopefully pulling off some more upsets they lose this game against Impulse with not much in the way of team play. Result: Loss. (1-1 on the week)

Enemy Esports – Game 1 vs Team Dignitas: Champions played; Flaresz (Nautilus) 0/5/0, Trashy (Rek’Sai) 1/2/0, Innox (Ezreal) 0/2/1, Otter (Corki) 0/3/0, and Bodydrop (Braum) 0/3/0. A horrendous game for Enemy Esports, just no other way to put it, they got completely steam-rolled by CLG. Whether this was from bad decision making or lack of communication or both, Enemy needs to step things up. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs Gravity: Champions played; Flaresz (Irelia) 1/5/2, Trashy (Gragas) 0/2/3, Innox (Ahri) 3/2/0, Otter (Kog’Maw) 1/4/2, and Bodydrop (Janna) 0/2/3. It was just a bad week (or unlucky) for Enemy facing off against two of the better teams this week, which Enemy can’t seem to win against. The only game they have remaining against a team low in the standings is next week against Cloud 9. Result: Loss. (0-2 on the week)

Cloud 9 – Game 1 vs Gravity: Champions played; Balls (Rumble) 2/5/7, Hai (Rek’Sai) 0/4/9, Incarnati0n (Viktor) 4/4/3, Sneaky (Vayne) 5/3/3, and LemonNation (Braum) 0/3/5. Not a great game by Cloud 9, but they have looked better after replacing their Jungler with Hai who was their previous Mid lane player and shot caller from the spring. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs Team Dignitas: Champions played; Balls (Maokai) 0/0/14, Hai (Rengar) 4/1/7, Incarnati0n (Orianna) 4/0/12, Sneaky (Kalista) 9/0/4, and LemonNation (Karma) 1/0/17. A complete turn around from last game, this game Cloud 9 looked in top form, like the Cloud 9 of old. Cloud 9 only allowed one kill the entire match, zero dragons, and only one tower. Result: Win. (1-1 on the week)

TDK – Game 1 vs Team Liquid: Champions played; Seraph (Maokai) 0/4/6, Kez (Rek’Sai) 0/4/7, Ninja (Ezreal) 5/3/2, Emperor (Vayne) 3/4/4, and Smoothie (Alistar) 1/4/7. Ever since TDK as acquired their full roster they have been putting put decent and closer games such as this one, but obviously something is still off for TDK. It could be the fact that they haven’t had much time to play and practice together aside from the past few weeks. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs CLG: Champions played; Seraph (Maokai) 0/4/9, Kez (Evelynn) 0/7/9, Ninja (Ahri) 8/4/5, Emperor (Vayne) 9/3/4, and Smoothie (Alistar) 0/3/10. Another well fought game for TDK, however it just wasn’t enough as they weren’t able to completely control Doublelife from CLG and because of that the game swung toward CLG. TDK has two games against teams toward the bottom of the table remaining, sadly if they don’t want to be relegated they will need to find a way to win all four of their remaining games. Result: Win. (0-2 on the week)

And that wraps up the recap of week 7 in the NA LCS, where Gravity now holds a 2 game lead over the likes of CLG, Impulse and TSM. While Liquid find themselves just 1 game in back of first. Here is now the standings look.

  1. Gravity (11-3)
  2. Team Liquid (10-4)
  3. Team Impulse (9-5)
  4. (TSM) Team Solo Mid (9-5)
  5. (CLG) Counter Logic Gaming (9-5)
  6. Team Dignitas (8-6)
  7. Team 8 (5-9)
  8. Enemy Esports (4-10)
  9. Cloud 9 (4-10)
  10. (TDK) Team Dragon Knights (1-13)


And this week’s featured match-up between Team Impulse and Team 8. This match-up is brought to you so you can see my favorite champion in the mid-lane “Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox”, which I hope to see more people choose in the future. Enjoy!


And that wraps up week 7 of League of Legends. Thanks for reading guys and gals, and as always, see you next time!!

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