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Tower Defense meets Action Adventure as Onion Force prepares to launch in March on STEAM

Recently Greenlit by the STEAM Community, Onion Force, developed by Queen Bee Games is an exciting hybrid of Tower Defense and Action Adventure boasting 30 levels of crazy cartoon-esqe driven chaos. Players must use their wits and strategise as they bid to strengthen their own team chosen from a diverse cast of fun characters with 3 adorable and playable heroes to choose from, each with their very own unique abilities to aid in defending the King from certain doom.

Onion Force, which was successfully Greenlit a couple weeks ago is due for release sometime in March tasks players with making intelligent choices, collecting gold and onions as well as building towers that will prove the most effective at defending from the threat at hand. Fighting through diverse terrain, weather conditions, destructible environments and utter chaos to get to the bottom of the ensuing madness. Check out the Onion Force Greenlit video below.

Here is what we know about Onion Force so far:

  • Stand-out cartoon graphics and stellar special effects & animation
  • 3 playable heroes, each with their own unique abilities
  • 6 fully fleshed out locations with 30 huge levels
  • Thousands of pieces of equipment to collect and equip
  • 8 different towers types with 5 different power levels each
  • Collect onions to trade for a wide variety of power-ups
  • Adjustable game speed… be careful with this!
  • Develop your own play-style, there are a thousand ways to win… and lose
  • Three difficulty modes- even easy mode can pose a challenge
  • Awesome tunes- Oxygenfad rules!

Below are some gorgeous screenshots that show Onion Force to be a lot of fun both visually and as a gaming experience, packed with mad and at times frantic fighting coupled with quick and timely tower building to aid each quest. Onion Force is sure to be a hit when it launches on STEAM in March.

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