snoopys grand adventure

The Peanut Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure announced

Activision and Peanuts Worldwide have announced that they will release a Peanuts video game inspired by the Peanuts Movie, that will hit the shelves this Autumn. The game will be a side-scrolling exploration platformer starring the characters. The news comes as the comic strip from Charles M.Schulz celebrates it’s 65th anniversary this year.

In The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure, Snoopy explores the fantastical worlds of his imagination to track down Charlie Brown and his friends in an intricate game of hide-and-seek. As he follows their trails, Snoopy will acquire new costumes (based on his many alter egos) that provide unique abilities for overcoming obstacles and reaching new levels, including flight stages that let him take off as the Flying Ace.

From the jungle to Paris to the Moon itself, each environment is painted gorgeously in the same visual style as The Peanuts Movie to bring to life every colourful detail of Snoopy’s wild daydreams. The game also includes voice talent from the film.

snoopys grand adventure

The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure supports two player co-op and features:

  • Explore Snoopy’s Wild Imagination – As Snoopy ventures through fantastic worlds spun from his whimsical daydreams, he’ll acquire new costumes with special abilities based on his many alter egos, including the Flying Ace. From the deep jungle to the Parisian Underground and even the Moon, each environment contains plenty of surprises for curious players to discover.
  • New and Classic Peanuts Charm – Inspired by the gorgeously animated 3D art style and voice talent of The Peanuts Movie, The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure brings a beautiful look and feel to the wonderful characters and atmosphere of the series’ past.
  • Bring a Friend for the Journey – A second player can join the adventure as Snoopy’s flying companion, Woodstock, who can help Snoopy overcome obstacles, find new ways forward, get around dangerous creatures and track down hidden collectibles.


snoopys grand adventure

The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure is launching on 6th November on the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360,  Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.

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