The Long Dark

The Long Dark receives hotfix, Steam and Xbox One confirmed fixes

Hinterland Studios have today confirmed a Hotfix for The Long Dark, an update that intends to fix many of the issues suffered throughout the Xbox One and Steam. Hot fixes are a single, cumulative package including information (often in the form of one or more files) that is used to address a problem in a software product, for example, a software bug.

Below is a confirmed list of bug fixes from The Long Dark Sandbox Alpha to v.258:

  • Fixed bug with long survival times not increasing in very rare cases.
  • Fixed issue with button collision being offset at certain resolutions.
  • Fixed bug with Invert-Y not changing when modified in Options.
  • Reduced brightness of snow at night.
  • Fixed issue with falling out of world when loading save after falling through ice.
  • Fixed problem with containers not restoring to correct location if previously stuck to ground.
  • Fixed issue with confirmation dialog input being processed by UI underneath the dialog.
  • Fixed bug with wolves sometimes making unprovoked attacks on players in Pilgrim Mode.
  • Fixed issue with blood hit effects not playing on wolves.
  • Increased wolf detection range for footstep audio when feeding.
  • Fixed interior reset issue when spawning inside an interior (Xbox One only)

The Long Dark is still in Early Access through Steam and Game Preview on the Xbox One.

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