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The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle Episode 2 needs your support in its final hours

With just 68 hours to go, The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle Episode 2 needs just under £4000 to be fully funded. A total of £21,344 has been raised so far by 769 backers supporting the comedy point-and-click adventure game set in Victorian London. 

Episode 2 which follows on from Episode 1: A Dreadly business has already been Greenlit by the community on Steam and the developers have said they want the latest episode to be bigger and better than the first which was released earlier this year to great reviews. 

Animation process GIFWe want Episode 2 to be bigger and better and more puzzlier than the first. The mysteries, the intrigue, the dark
humour…it’s all back and betterer than ever. We’re partnering with German game developer Deck13 from the start this time. They made the award-winning Lords of the Fallen and were voted Best German Games company last year. They are lending us their incredible experience and are helping us make the gameplay as strong as possible. They will also be translating the game into German from the outset for all the point and click fans in Germany.

It would be great to get more support for the game when they are so close to funding. The team have been very hard at work to make it the best it can be. 

Seb, the writer, illustrator and creator of Bertram Fiddle, has spent many sleepless nights writing Episode 2 by the light of the moon and is literally itching to get this new game underway. This game has a much more intriguing story which sees Bertram framed for a murdering he did not commit. As he struggles to clear his name he discovers that the mystery goes much deeper than he expected and he really does find himself in a Bleaker Predicklement. We’ve started building the new puzzles, scenes and characters but need YOUR help to go into full production.

Click Here to help fund the game and make sure you share with your friends to help spread the word.

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