Strategy Game Remnant Heads to Kickstarter

Remnant, a real-time 4X strategy game has begun it’s quest to get funded through Kickstarter, the developer is looking to raise $7500 by June the 25th.

Remnant is a real-time 4X space strategy game set in a single planetary system.  As the leader of a rising faction, take command of operations and lead your people to prosperity as you acquire resources, build fleets, expand your influence and dominate your new home system.

In a stagnant genre of clones, Remnant has many unique features:

– FULL 3D BATTLES: Combat takes place in completely open space with full six degrees of freedom.  No tiles.  No grids.

– ESPIONAGE: A complex espionage system involving agents that gain experience and level up.  Capture or assassinate other player’s governors, admirals and spies or disrupt their progress through sabotage and subterfuge.

– DYNAMIC MAP: All plants, moons and asteroids move in orbit as the game progresses.  A colony that was once at arm’s length will drift across the system and require extra protection to keep secure.

– LOGISTICS: Resources are local to each planet rather than empire wide.  The transportation of resources from mining worlds to forge worlds create emergent supply lines that are vulnerable to disruption.

For more information on Remnant or to support the game on Kickstarter click HERE

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