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Square Enix and IO Interactive release PlayStation 4/PC Hitman Beta Trailer

After the announcement via Twitter that the latest HITMAN title, due out March 11th 2016 would get a free to play Beta. Square Enix and IO Interactive have today released a trailer for that very Beta, which showcases some of the games content. The HITMAN Beta will be available on the PlayStation 4 from February 12th, with the PC coming on the 19th.

The HITMAN Beta is set twenty years in the past at a top-secret ICA recruitment and training facility. This extremely unique mission revolves around how Agent 47 was recruited into the ICA and shows the first time that 47 meets his long-time handler, Diana Burnwood.

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]“This game marks a new direction for the studio,” continued Seifert. “With HITMAN, we are not only embracing our core fans in a new way by bringing them closer to the development than ever before but we are also laying the foundation for a very exciting future by embracing what a live environment can offer a title like this. It is only the beginning for us and for HITMAN.”[/box]

A few screenshots were also released.

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