Reflections gets Steam Early Access release date

Broken Window Studios, real world adventure game Reflections will release through Early Access on June the 26th. Reflections will be available for $14.99 or $9.99 through

Reflections is a real-world adventure game where every action you take has meaningful consequences that radically shape the experience. The game takes a new approach to story, where everything you do can be woven into a narrative that drastically changes, thanks to our Storyteller engine. 

·         You create the story – The powerful Storyteller engine watches everything you do and changes the experience to suit. 
·         Three Acts – Experience various moments in your life which differ radically based on what you choose to do. 
·         Dynamic progression – time passes as you play, changing the opportunities and events that unfold 
·         Full environment interactivity – If you want to do it, you probably can. Reflections isn’t about sitting and watching. Everything has its use. 
·         AI that responds to you – Multiple characters and creatures to build relationships with, relationships that may last your whole life 
·         Beautiful environments – stark black and white environments that slowly get filled with color by your actions
·         Fully compatible with the  Oculus Rift 

Reflections will also release on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One in the summer.

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