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Reddit User creates colour coded Fallout 4 Map showing all collectibles and threat level

Have you wondered the wasteland aimlessly, searching for that last sodding Bobblehead, with no clue as to it’s whereabouts or ever thought to yourself “should I be heading in this direction with minimal health and only Dogmeat for company?”. Well fret no more wastelanders because Reddit User koolkyle802 has created a high definition colour coded Fallout 4 world map that not only shows every single location and point of interest within the large scale world but colour codes specific areas using a variation of colours to highlight areas of threat across the map with a red colour showing areas of high threats to players and blue showing a low level of threat. The unique map also shows every location for every Vault, Bobblehead, Magazine and Holotape.

Below is the created map with a link to the download currently down due to high volume of traffic, feel free to click and save the image below as it is full size. 

Fallout 4 World Map


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