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Rebellion reward Woolfe Kickstarter backers with custom made Christmas Gifts

Independent UK studio Rebellion have delivered a Christmas surprise to Kickstarter backers of the PC action adventure Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries by announcing they’d shipped a beautiful custom-made Boxed version and Hardcover Artbook to appropriate backers on the game’s Kickstarter page.

Woolfe was successfully crowdfunded in 2014 and saw a Steam release in March of this year, but physical rewards and add ons were never shipped before the game’s developer Grin filed for bankruptcy in the summer, leaving those who’d paid for certain rewards high and dry.

Along came Rebellion who acquired the IP thus saving Woolfe The Red Hood Diaries while also promising to honour all backers’ outstanding physical rewards.


While they were able to ship some smaller rewards such as posters and stickers right away, the studio quickly realised it would need to design the Boxed version and Hardcover Artbook from scratch.

A letter to backers on the Woolfe Kickstarter page stated;

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Dear Woolfe backers, When Rebellion acquired Woolfe back in October we promised we’d honour as many of the digital and physical rewards as possible, and we kicked off the process of packing, labelling (and envelope-licking!) in November, shipping out the first wave of outstanding posters, stickers and certificates. But we have some more great news to finish the year off! Our in-house art team have been busy creating both a stunning, custom-designed Boxed version of the game, and also a Hardcover Artbook which were originally offered as optional “Add ons” to backers of the Kickstarter campaign. Not only are these now designed and printed, but we have started shipping them to all the appropriate backers – this means some of you may even get all your rewards in time for Christmas![/box]

Published in just one small print run exclusively for backers, Rebellion hopes the Boxed version and Artbook will help draw a line under the project’s harder times, and give backers a rare and small piece of gaming history!

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